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Yun Chuhan was stunned by her grandfathers question as she did not expect it.

She then turned to Yun Xi and glared at her sister while playing with her fingers.

She admitted to herself that she didnt have the ability to lead the family yet, but she wasnt going to admit that Yun Xi had the ability either.

For the past six months, she had been carefully and diligently studying her aunt after the latter had become the head of the family.

Even though the Yun family wasnt a large family, to the point where it was the weakest family that lived in the residential compound, there were still a lot of things that one had to take care of to lead the family, and it wasnt an easy task.

Despite knowing that she was unable to do that, Yun Chuhan did not want Yun Xi to rob her of her chance.

If Yun Xi really became the head, no one would be able to replace her unless she died.

That was the reason why Yun Chuhan was extremely nervous and why she didnt want Yun Xi to become the head.

Yun Xi had seen through what her sister was thinking, and, instead of getting anxious, she became calm.

She turned to glance at her sister before turning back to address her grandfather.

“Grandpa, there are actually two criteria for a person to become the head.

They have to have the ability to back up what they say, and they have to convince the whole family.

Since my sister thinks that Im not suitable to become the head, then why dont we let her try She has been learning by Aunts side for quite some time, and she must have picked something up along the way.

If she can do a good job and convince everyone that she should be the head, I dont see a reason that she shouldnt take the position.”

Grandfather Yun had a stern expression on his face as he tapped his cane.

“Stop messing around.

You are the eldest.

You are the only one here who fits the criteria of becoming the next head.

Thats the cold hard truth.”

Yun Xi nodded.

She felt relieved when her grandfather had acknowledged her ability and achievements.

“Then, why cant we let Chuhan try as well I mean, if she can do a better job than me, then doesnt it mean shes a better leader The whole point of having a family head is so that our family can become one, right”

Yun Xi had decided to take a step back for a better future, something that Yun Chuhan had never learned to do.

However, since the latter had decided to step in, Yun Xi was willing to give her sister the chance.

In the end, Yun Chuhan would come to realize that she would not be able to do it.

“But, Chuhan is still young.

Theres no way she can handle the stress.”

“I mean, she sounds pretty confident…”

Before Yun Xi could even finish her sentence, Yun Chuhan stepped forward, eager to prove herself to Grandfather Yun.

“Grandpa! I can do it! Ive been learning how for the past six months.

I know how to lead this family.

Yun Xi is now the first-class socialite.

Theres no way she has time to take care of us.

Im willing to help ease her burden by doing this.”

Yun Chuhans argument made sense, and Yun Xi nodded in agreement.

Yun Xi then turned to her grandfather to seek his approval.

“Grandpa, what do you think”

“Well, since youve put it that way, lets just give her a chance.

But, if she fails to prove herself a worthy leader, she can forget about becoming one in the future.”

Yun Chuhans expression froze as soon as her grandfather said that.

It was clear that he was calling her dream of leading the family a delusion, that she was trying to take something that had never belonged to her.

The younger sister cursed in her head as Yun Xi was easily able to get the things that she had to fight for.

She cursed at God for giving her such unfair treatment while Yun Xi had everything.

Ignoring the hatred in Yun Chuhans eyes, Yun Xi turned to her aunt and asked, “Aunt, why dont you let Chuhan help you with managing the family starting from tomorrow Everyone will be here until the Lantern Festival.

If anyone is still against her being the next head by then…” Yun Xi turned to her sister, “then theres nothing I can do to help you anymore.”

“I know!” Yun Chuhan bit her lips as she nodded.

Before that, she had been planning to learn for more than a year before actually taking over as the new head, but Yun Xi had broken that dream of hers.

She only had a month to prove herself to every family member, and she had to do it during the Lunar New Year, which was the biggest festive season of the year.

It was pretty much an impossible task for her.

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