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The black sports car sped along the mountain road, startling a few wild birds in the quiet forest.

Their cawing sounds and the rumble of the engine formed a cacophony that echoed through the desolate mountain forest.

The phone that had been tossed carelessly on the front passenger seat started to ring.

Qi Yichen glanced at the caller ID and let the phone ring on.

He could not suppress the anger that Qi Siyu had stirred up.

What really upset him was not that he could not let go of his past, but that the helplessness and frustration of being controlled by others had trampled on his pride when he had had no power back then.

Therefore, he had worked hard to climb up the ranks during all these years.

From being a normal soldier to becoming the youngest major in the military, he was willing to do anything to gain more power.

He did not want to be bullied anymore.

However, no matter how hard he tried, Mu Feichi had always been ahead of him and had always been a target that he could not reach or pass.

Although they were the same age, this man was ahead of everyone, and no one could catch up to him.

As long as Mu Feichi was around, he would always be in front of him.

Not long after the phone on the front passenger seat stopped ringing, it rang again.

Qi Yichen drove the car randomly and did not answer it.

On the other end of the phone, Liang Xinyi, who had been trying to reach him for a long time, put her phone away dejectedly.

She was feeling so desperate, but no one could help her.

Qi Siyu was drowning in Yun Xis wake and couldnt bring herself to live with it.

Liang Xinyi had called her several times, but she didnt answer the phone either.

Yun Xi, who had not shown her face at all lately, was being compared to the Prime Ministers daughter by reporters.

She received even more attention because she was involved with the Young Commander.

This wretched girl, Yun Xi, had achieved the status that all the women in Jingdu yearned for in their dreams every night.

Liang Xinyi had originally thought that Qi Siyu would help her.

At least they had a common enemy.

She wanted to make use of her in order to climb up and squeeze into Jingdus high society.

There was no price that she wouldnt pay to achieve that goal.

However, in the end, no one had been able to defeat that d*mned girl Yun Xi.

Now that she had become the top socialite and the woman the Young Commander was in love with, she had both status and wealth.

But what about her She had nothing!

Not only did she not have anything, now they even wanted her to marry Han Zhongteng, that pervert.

No! She did not want to! She would rather die than marry that pervert…

If she agreed, she would never be able to escape from this nightmare.

Han Zhongteng was not a good match.

He had no hope of inheriting the role as leader of the family, and his status was not as high as Han Yaotians.

Even if she married him, he would not be able to satisfy her ambitions.

What she wanted was not as simple as the position of Mrs.


Compared to that wretched girl Yun Xi, Mrs.

Han was nothing.

Qi Yichen…that mysterious and evil man… Before the socialite ball, he had helped her out and had even given her his phone number.

Later, she had found out that he was the son of the Prime Minister.

Initially, she had thought that she had managed to climb up the social ladder and could finally get rid of Han Zhongteng.

She had thought that she had gotten this mans attention, but she did not expect that when she needed help, he would also not be contactable.

Now, no one would help her.

What should she do Should she completely fall out with the Han family

Liang Xinyi could not figure out what was going on with the Qi family and did not dare to provoke them.

She also did not have any bargaining chips that could make them want to be aligned with her.

Before she found the next family to back her, she could not fall out with the Han family or else she would really be at the bottom in Jingdu.

Putting her phone away, she ran back to her bedroom and pulled open a drawer.

She found the mooncake box and pulled it out.

She took out the clear Ziploc bag that was hidden under the box.

She counted carefully.

There were four more pills.

She could still use the aphrodisiac that the man had given her two more times.

This time, no one would help her, so she could only rely on herself.

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