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She could not see anything under the blanket in the dark, but it eased her awkward, nervous mood.

She was only wearing a nightdress and shorts.

To not affect the wound on her shoulder, she had put on a woolen cloak to make it easier for her to take it on and off.

Now that she had buried her head under the blanket, the small movements in the dark made her especially sensitive.

As if he was afraid of scaring her, Mu Feichi lifted the blanket gently.

He folded it against her waist.

Under the blanket, her legs were so tense that they were curled up on the dark green bedsheets.

The dark-colored bedsheets made her fair skin look even more alluring.

He gave her a deep look, lifted her skirt, and pulled off her pants to apply the medicine.

The young woman under his fingers trembled subconsciously.

He was even more careful, afraid that he would hurt her.

When Mu Feichis hand touched her, Yun Xi subconsciously clamped her legs together.

Her face under the blanket was already burning.

After all, this was his first time doing such a thing.

Mu Feichi squeezed some ointment on his fingers and carefully rubbed her private area.

His mind was filled with the image of the little vixen who had shivered in his arms last night.

He had waited so long for this little flower to bloom.

During that time, he had doted on her so much and treated her like a precious jewel.

Finally, she had become his and only his.

That was the first time in his life that he had felt what was called pain and happiness.

The joy and heart-wrenching pain were so real.

All the glory that he had gained in his life equaled less than one-tenth of the satisfaction that he felt at this moment.

Under the blanket, Yun Xi bit her finger and trembled.

His callused fingers gently rubbed against her private parts, the cool ointment easing the stinging pain.

At this moment, she could not imagine the expression on Mu Feichis face when he did such things.

He was serious and focused, but she could clearly feel his gentleness and how much he treasured her.

This was a gentle tenderness that an iron-blooded man like him would not easily reveal.

After Mu Feichi had applied the medicine, he wiped his hands and pulled the blanket away from the ostrich who had buried her head under it, carefully avoiding the wound on her shoulder.

“There, its done.

See, I didnt do anything to you.” Mu Feichi smiled and patted her pink cheeks.

“Rest well.

Ill be back soon.”

Yun Xi suddenly opened her eyes.

“Arent you going to rest Youve been guarding me for the entire night, and you havent had a good rest…”

She could see the dark circles under his eyes.

After the fierce battle in the forest last night and the fact that she had been injured, he had been watching over her the whole time and had barely closed his eyes.

Normal people would not be able to go 24 hours without rest.

“I still have some matters to take care of.

When Im back, you can sleep with me, babe.”

“I understand.

Go and come back quickly!” Since it was something important, she could understand his urgency and did not want to be difficult.

“Be good and wait for me to come back.” He leaned over and planted a kiss on her forehead.

He tucked her in and left the master bedroom.

Not long after Mu Feichi left, Yun Xi got up.

The piercing pain in her shoulder had erased her sleepiness entirely.

She took out her laptop and phone from the bedside table and called Han Yaotian.

The call was picked up almost immediately.

Before she could say anything, Han Yaotians anxious voice came through.

“Yun Xi Are you okay”

Yun Xi frowned slightly and forced a pale smile.

“Chairman Han, you must be joking.

What could possibly happen to me”

“Last night, the Young Commander and you suddenly left.

The person in charge of the Huo family also left.

The Eldest Heir wasnt around either.

I was worried that something might have happened to you.

Moreover, I couldnt get through to you on the phone.

All the signals in the villa were cut off.

Its good that youre fine.”

Yun Xi didnt want to talk about this with him and directly changed the subject.

“Chairman Han should have received the information I sent you, right”

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