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It was a moonless night as the trio threaded their way through the forest.

The dense woods were heavy with humidity, and from every corner a different animal call echoed and the scent of decomposing leaves followed them.

Their dark surroundings made their journey precarious, and every little shuffle and rustle of leaves put them further on edge.

Mu Feichi looked down at his wristwatch where the numbers of the dial glowed faintly in the dark.

Alongside the numbers, the watch had a built-in compass that displayed their current coordinates.

Mu Feichi studied the compass for a moment and turned to Fenghuang Niao.

“The village is located in the northeast, so they will be heading from the southeast.

We need to put more distance between us so we should head in the other direction.

Where we are now in this forest should be in the southeast.

Lets go.

Keep going right and stay vigilant.”

“Got it!” Fenghuang Niao nodded and turned to check on Yun Xis condition.

Yun Xi took a deep breath.

The down jacket had worsened her body temperature, and it was making it hard for her to walk.

Finally giving in, she tugged at Mu Feichis sleeve.

“Mu Feichi, could you carry me for a little bit I feel so weak.”

“Of course!” Mu Feichi agreed without a second thought and shifted his backpack to the front of his chest and lowered himself down for Yun Xi to climb on him.

The trio continued on into the forest, with Fenghuang Niao guiding the party with a dim flashlight as they waded into the muddier parts of the woodland.

The two followed with Yun Xi on Mu Feichis back.

She held their flashlight in her hands and her arms were wrapped tightly around Mu Feichis shoulders.

Yun Xi tried to remain as still as possible as Mu Feichi moved through the dark and muddy forest a step at a time.

The young girl lowered her head to rest on Mu Feichis shoulders.

Even in the dark that surrounded them her eyes flickered with a glow of fondness.

“So what happens when I cant control myself Do you have a plan, Young Commander”

“Theres a sedative in the pack.

Ill give you a shot and carry you out of the woods.”

This was the only plan he could afford to have.

There was no information on how many pursuers the other party had sent after them, but this was the only way Mu Feichi could keep Yun Xi with them.

“But that wont remove the effects of the drug, and Ill be a bigger burden once Im unconscious.”

Yun Xi huffed and turned her head away, her burning cheeks pressed against Mu Feichis cool features.

Yun Xi could feel her breathing begin to hasten.

“So…” Clouds of her breath emerged from Yun Xis mouth as she continued, “…now that I have finally come of age, you dont want me anymore” she asked in a soft voice.

The mans footsteps came to a halt.

Mu Feichi frowned as his eyes followed the figure of Fenghuang Niao as her light source flickered slowly into the dark in front of him.

He swallowed hard and tightened his grip around Yun Xis ankles.

It would be erroneous to say that it had not crossed his mind.

In fact, he had been thinking about this for a long time.

He had waited long for this moment, and the wait had been so long that Mu Feichi had been surprised by how determined and patient he could be to wait for somebody.

This girl on his back was no ordinary girl.

She was someone he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

The joy and the happiness he was willing to do anything to give her were unparalleled as to how he felt about anyone else.

This had meant that he needed to watch his desires around her as well.

She had now come of age, and if she was willing and she had consent, he would not do anything that would disrespect or even harm her.

He was no fool to do anything that would ruin her future and their future together as a couple.

Finally, Mu Feichi broke the silence and gave Yun Xis behind a light pat.

The worry in his eyes washed away as he continued with a teasing smile that lightened the heavy mood of the dark forest, “Why Are you in a rush You just came of age, you know.”

“I dont want to be a burden to you.

Staying alive is the most important thing right now, and youre not the one who has been drugged.

Im willing to do anything you think is necessary, so dont hesitate to tell me.”

“Still no, I cant do this to you.”

Her first time should be safe and somewhere comfortable, not in the middle of the forest as they were being pursued by mercenaries.

“Why, do you not want to take responsibility, Young Commander Mu”

“When have I ever been irresponsible Besides, I have the rest of your life to be with you.”

“Then why do you hesitate This drug can only be neutralized with the male hormone, testosterone.

If we were to be faced by enemies, I dont want to hide behind you.

I want to fight beside you.”

Her voice was firm, her decision had been made, and Mu Feichi could tell that Yun Xi was ready to carry it through.

Her lack of hesitation moved Mu Feichi.

The man took a moment to process what he had just heard.

A faint smile appeared on his features.

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