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After he stepped out of the door, Qi Yichen suddenly halted in his steps as the willful and proud smiling face of the girl standing on the stage this morning suddenly flashed before his eyes.

When it had been mentioned that the girl had once gone on the battlefield, her face had lit up so vibrantly.

She looked tender, yet at the same time, brimming with vitality.

Compared with the pettiness of those two women back in the room, her undisguised ambition and courage to march alone were far more admirable.

It was no wonder that Young Commander Mu was not at all attracted to those barbie airheads, who only knew how to be cunning out of sheer jealousy.

These petty women had nothing on her.

He gave a snort of disgust and took out the phone that had been vibrating in his pocket.

With a quick glance at the text he had received, he put the phone back in his pocket and turned to leave.

The real party was about to begin tonight.

With so many barbie airheads coveting the same man, it was certainly going to be an interesting night.

“Little girl, you better not let me down!” He thought silently.

The nights in winter came early.

The Luyi Villa under the veil of night was like a pearl on top of the mountain as its bright lights illuminated the night sky.

The hilly road winding around the mountain was lit up like a flaming dragon encircling the mountain.

On a moonless night, the starry sky was so bright and clear, as if it had been bathed in water.

The ball officially began at eight oclock, with distinguished guests arriving one after another.

To prepare themselves for the ball this evening, the socialites had called upon their teams of makeup artists to come early and were all busy doing their makeup.

Yun Xi and Mu Feichi seemed to be the least anxious of everyone, as they had only started to get ready after enjoying a nice meal together.

Mu Feichi changed into a traditional military suit in dark green, with a white shirt underneath and a dark green tie to match.

On his suit were an insignia and a ribbon made of golden silk thread that belonged to only him: the Young Commander, Mu Feichi.

He was also wearing a pair of slacks and tall military boots of the same color, which were different from the green pants and leather shoes of other military uniforms.

His unique uniform belonged only to the Young Commander of Jun Country.

There was only one of it in the entire country, and it had been approved by the President himself.

Yun Xi looked at the man standing in front of the mirror.

She had seen this military uniform in her last life.

It was the same one he had worn when he was awarded the rank of Commander.

This formal suit was one of a kind, and it also represented his unique identity.

Wearing it only to visit foreign countries and to attend major ceremonies, he was normally dressed in plain clothes or camouflage uniforms.

The fact that he wore this suit today meant that he regarded her to be important to the state of the countrys affairs.

She walked forward and got up on tiptoe to help him with his tie.

Her expression was serious and focused as if she was practicing a sacred ritual, while her eyes were filled with the utmost devotion and admiration.

Mu Feichi lowered his eyes and looked at the earnest Little Creature in front of him, and his thin lips curved into a smile.

His little sweetheart was all grown up, and he looked forward to their future days together ever more expectantly.

“Young Commander, your formal attire is simply stunning!” This was the best-looking military suit she had ever seen.

It was the only one in the entire country, and it also represented his one and only identity as the Young Commander.

Mu Feichi chuckled softly and pinched her pink cheeks.

“You will be the most stunning one tonight! Hurry up and go get changed!”

Yun Xi nodded and went into the bedroom to take out the pastel pink dress that Mu Feichi had asked Ling Jing to deliver.

Ling Jings design was impeccable, and the dress was perfectly tailored to her body.

Stepping out after changing into her dress, she looked up at the man sitting in the living room while the embroidered white tulle layer of her dress dragged along the floor.

Hearing the rustling of her dress, Mu Feichi looked up, and his dark eyes settled upon the open door.

The slender figure stood silently, and her classy and elegant charm awoke a longing desire in him with just a single glance.

Her feminine delicacy and untouched beauty made her look absolutely perfect.

She looked neither too provocative nor too innocent for her age.

She was in the prime of her womanhood, like a beautiful flower blooming in its most brilliant form.

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