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In the end, the selection of the top socialite was decided by voting among all the distinguished guests attending the banquet, as well as the heads of the three noble families and the big four wealthiest families.

It ensured the fairness of the selection to a greater extent.

This was also why Yun Xi was not worried that Qi Siyu was going to give her a low score.

No matter how much Qi Siyu disliked her, she wouldnt dare to openly make things difficult for her in front of so many people.

After all, as the top socialite from last year, she had to be seen to do a good job.

Otherwise, it would not look good if she made a fool of herself in front of so many people.

Early in the morning, Jiang Chenghuan came knocking on the door with a large lunch box.

Zhao Yumo opened the door and saw him dressed in a suit and a black woolen coat.

He looked completely awe inspiring! She was stunned…

“Second Master Jiang, Im really not used to seeing you dressed like this…” Zhao Yumo stepped back to let him in.

Jiang Chenghuan smiled proudly.

He took off his coat and handed it to the bodyguard outside.

Then he walked into the living room in a cool manner.

Yun Xi had just finished washing up as she came out into the living room.

She was still wearing her nightgown.

When she saw him standing by the table, she could not help but narrow her eyes quizzically.

“Second Brother, why are you here so early”

“Someone asked me to bring you food.

Girl, happy birthday! This is your birthday present.”

As he said that, Jiang Chenghuan took out a small black envelope from his pocket and handed it to her.

He said seriously, “I know that with that guy around, you are not lacking for anything.

However, this is my small gesture, so you still have to accept it.”

Yun Xi was stunned.

She lowered her eyes to look at the black envelope in her hand.

Actually, even though she hadnt opened it, she knew what was inside.

It was a limited-edition Global Transport Centurion Black Gold Card, a symbol of special status that even Han Yaotian hadnt been able to qualify for in his previous life.

This was such a precious item, yet Jiang Chenghuan gave it to her just like that, and even treated it as a birthday gift!

Yun Xi opened it to take a look, and then she raised her head in shock.

“A black gold card Second brother, the Young Commander will be unhappy if you spend so much money on my birthday gift.”

She did not know how much the black gold card in her hand was worth or how much money was on it, but it was definitely not a small amount.

Not only did she not dare to accept it, but Mu Feichi would not have allowed her to either.

“Thats his business whether hes happy or not.

Its my business whether I give it to you or not.

Theres nothing wrong with my wanting to give you a birthday gift.”

“But this thing is too valuable, and I have no use for it.

Can I ask you for something else”

Seeing Jiang Chenghuan hesitate, Yun Xi quickly struck while the iron was hot.

“Shouldnt you always give gifts befitting the other partys heart If you want to give me a card, just give me a VIP membership of the clubs under your name.

That will make it much more convenient for me to go out with my friends in the future.”

Jiang Chenghuan thought about it for a minute and finally nodded.


The birthday girl gets the final say.

As long as youre happy…”

Yun Xi stuffed the card back into his hands.

She opened the lunch box on the table and looked over it.

The first layer was colorful dumplings, the second layer was Chinese-style food, and the third layer had three bowls of porridge.

It looked exquisite and delicious.

“Its the winter solstice today, and its your birthday.

Our Young Commander asked me to send dumplings over to you.

If he doesnt make it in time before the ball, we can celebrate for you after the ball ends tonight.”

“Okay! Dont just stand there.

Lets have breakfast! When the makeup team comes, we still have to change into our gowns to prepare for the final selection.”

After breakfast, Yun Xi changed into a vintage Chinese gown that Ling Jing had made for her.

This gown had been given to her by Ling Jing a long time ago, but she had never found a suitable occasion to wear it.

She wanted to wear the outfit that Mu Feichi had sent her during the dinner event so that he could see her in it.

On the sofa, Jiang Chenghuan looked at the two figures coming out of the bedroom.

These two girls each had their own merits.

Mu Feichis taste was really sharp.

If he did not make it back in time for the ball today, he would miss a really good show!

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