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Han Qin had come to pick a fight just because of this Yun Xi could not help but burst into laughter.

“Youre right, Im a poor girl who is unworthy of this dress.

However, you, a daughter of the Han family, couldnt afford this dress.

Now the tables have turned, and the Han family is no longer as powerful and prosperous as before.

Miss Han, you would be better off showing some self-restraint.

If you continue to ignore your big brothers warning and keep on finding fault with me after only two days, no one will be able to clean up your mess.”

“You…! Youre just a stupid little country girl! Who are you to act so high and mighty in front of me”

“After kicking your family out of the big four and making you look so pathetic, I should think I have a right to act rather high and mighty actually.

As the saying goes, when one waxes, the other wanes.

Seeing Miss Han experiencing the life of an ordinary person does indeed give me a great sense of satisfaction.”

“You…b*tch!” At the mention of her family getting kicked out of the big four, Han Qins heart immediately started to burn with fury, and she rushed forward, wanting to tear apart Yun Xis pretty smiling face.

To her surprise, she stumbled right after taking two steps forward.

She was so anxious that she had failed to notice that there was a step at the bottom of the moon gate.

With one foot tripping on the step, the other barely got a foothold on the bumpy cobblestone path.

Before she could touch Yun Xi, Yun Xi had swiftly placed a foot in front of her unsteady feet and tripped her.

Han Qin lost her balance and plunged right into the cold pond water next to the bridge.

The pond had originally been meant for rearing koi, but the weather was cold, and there was no trace of fish anywhere in the water.

The water level was average for this time of year.

Han Qin fell headfirst into the water, where she struggled for a long time.

Then she stood up, completely soaked from the ice-cold water, and she cried hysterically for help.

Standing on the bridge, Yun Xi pretended to panic with a hand over her mouth, but she could not hide her gloating eyes.

“Oh, no! Miss Han, how could you have been so careless”

“Stupid, wretched girl! Hurry up and pull me out.” After much effort, Han Qin had finally regained her balance.

She was trembling with cold and embarrassment.

Gnashing her teeth, she stared at the two people standing on the bridge.

Even the ice-cold water that had sent chills to her bones could not douse the burning fury in her heart.

How dare she pull such a stunt on her Just wait and see, she was going to kill that wretched b*tch!

“Oh, right…” Yun Xi was holding onto Zhao Yumos hand and led her to the edge.

She reached out to grab Han Qins hand.

Just as shed almost pulled her up and she saw that Han Qin was almost close enough to grab hold of the edge of the cobblestone bridge and climb up herself, Yun Xi suddenly met Han Qins resentful eyes, and her undisguised evil intent was displayed right there for her to see.

Yun Xi wasnt going to be fooled by that little scheme of hers.

Since shed had the courage to reach out and pull her in, she had obviously guessed that Han Xin would no doubt try to drag her into the water too.

Han Xin was just quietly waiting for Yun Xi to offer her her hand.

Han Qin had just gotten a foothold on the edge of the cobblestone bridge, but, before she had the chance to pull Yun Xi down into the water, Yun Xi suddenly let go of her hand.

At the same time, Han Qin had put all her force into her hand, ready to drag her down, but when her hand slipped, she suddenly lost her balance and fell back into the pond again.

“You…! Help…! Help…!” Han Qin splashed around wildly.

The ice-cold water had by this time frozen her to the point where she could barely feel her fingers.

Yun Xi took a step back, not letting the splashing water touch her.

Looking down at the woman struggling in the pond, she chuckled mischievously, while her dark eyes flashed with a frosty coldness.

She waved away the cold water that had gotten on her hand, without looking in Han Qins direction.

“Im really sorry, but my hand was too slippery, I just couldnt hold on.

I better go and get someone else to pull you up instead.

But Miss Han, if youre getting too cold and cant carry on with your act, then Id suggest you get out of the water yourself.

The water isnt deep.

It isnt even up to your waist.”

“You…wretched b*tch! Just you wait! I…I wont let you get away with this!”

After finally standing still in the water, the shivering Han Qin pointed at Yun Xi who was standing on the bridge.

With her dripping wet hair sticking to her face, she looked like a creepy, pathetic ghost from a horror story.

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