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At the Sujia Auction, an intense auction of art had just ended.

Chen Yichen was the biggest winner of the auction, purchasing two pieces of expensive jewelry in a row.

One was a ruby ​​hairpin inlaid with gold threads, and the other was a piece of jade jewelry.

Although they were not the most expensive items at the auction, his bidding interests had still attracted the attention of many business executives who wanted to establish connections with the Chen family.

They were all secretly making plans and thinking of the most suitable gifts to get them in the future.

After coming out of the auction site, his secretary, Xu Han, hurriedly handed over his jacket.

“Sir, shall we prepare to head to Luyi Villa”

“Has that girl gone up the mountain”


Today is the day all the judges and socialites are being introduced, and tomorrow night will be the ball, which also happens to be…Miss Yuns 18th birthday.”

Chen Yichen halted, turned his head, and glared at Xu Han.

“I dont need you to tell me all that.

Do you really think I would forget”

“…” Xu Han felt aggrieved.

He had only reminded him out of concern that it might have slipped his mind.

“Her coming-of-age ceremony happens to fall on the same day as the socialite ball…” Chen Yichen recalled the dates of the socialite ball in previous years.

However, this years banquet had been postponed to a few days later.

As a man himself, he could certainly see through the Young Commanders intentions of holding the socialite ball on this specific day.

If Yun Xi became the first-class socialite, then this socialite ball would be the best coming-of-age ceremony she could have, and it would also mark the start of her stepping into this social circle.

Deep in his thoughts, Chen Yichen, who was about to get into the car, paused and raised his head to look at Xu Han, who was standing by the car door, and asked in a deep voice, “What about the Young Commander Is he there as well”

Xu Han shook his head.

“From what weve gathered, the Young Commander hasnt been in the country for the last couple of days.

It seems he is away on a mission.

We dont know if he will be able to make it back in time for the final session of the ball.

Currently, Gu Baifan will be overseeing everything on his behalf.”

“Away…” Chen Yichen snorted softly.

It would be perfect if he was really out of the country and unable to make it back in time.

He turned around and got in the car with his head bowed, then he instructed Xu Han coldly, “Lets go to Luyi Villa.” No matter what, he was not going to miss her coming-of-age ceremony.

The heads of all the major families arrived at Luyi Villa one after another.

Many people were speculating that the Second Young Master Jiang Henglin would be the judge for the Jiang family, but they certainly did not expect that Jiang Qilin and Jiang Henglin would both be there.

The villa manager was completely overwhelmed, trying to sort out rooms for all the extra guests who had suddenly turned up unannounced.

The last person to arrive up on the mountain was the current head of the Su family, Su Donglin, who always preferred to keep a low profile.

Han Qin was the only one in the Han family who was participating in the ball this year.

In addition to having been kicked out of the big four wealthiest families, the sole representative of the Hans who bothered to grace the event was Han Yaotian.

The lack of anyone in the family turning up was truly awkward.

Han Qin, who had originally been a high-profile figure, was bashed by so many socialites and heiresses that she could barely lift her head up to face the world.

Without her family there to back her, she did not dare to be arrogant, let alone offend anyone.

It was a pity that Yun Xi, whose family background was not strong, was not included among the people she feared.

Although everyone knew that Yun Xi had had a close relationship with the Second Young Master of the Jiang family, Han Qin still felt that such a cheap girl hooking up with the Young Commander simply tarnished the image of her beloved prince charming.

People in this circle would only play around with a girl like her, especially with that face of hers and her family background.

Who knows how long the novelty would last

It was precisely this notion that made her particularly disdainful of Yun Xi, and she was not at all afraid that she might offend others by attacking this lowly girl.

As soon as she settled down, she quickly went to find out where Yun Xis room was from the receptionist at the front desk.

Then she headed off toward the area named Tingmei.

Qi Siyu had just reentered the building when she saw Han Qin, in her troublemaking stance, out looking for Yun Xi.

She pursed her lips and sneered.

Tilting her head to her bodyguard, she handed over what she was carrying and followed her.

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