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Chapter 138: If Something Happens, I Will Be Responsible

The old Madame had always paid attention to her health maintenance, so this was not the first time shed heard of a medicine pillow.

Seeing that Yun Xi had so considerately brought this over, she hugged the pillow, and, upon getting a whiff of the faint scent of medicine, she nodded in satisfaction.

“You are the most endearing out of all.”

Yun Xi smiled softly like a gentle little kitten.

When she smiled, one could see faint dimples on her cheeks, and they made her appear even more adorable.

“Old Madame, you think that Western medicine is risky, and I know that you are worried that you are getting older and that you might not be able to see your familys next generation in case something happens during surgery.

Well then, lets not use Western medicine as treatment.

I can check your pulse now, how about that”

Yun Xis words struck a nerve for the old Madame.

Only she understood her worries and concerns.

Everyone in the family felt that she was old and stubborn, too stubborn, but only this girl understood her worries.

“Ah, you, my girl, you understand me,” the old lady spoke in a choked voice as she patted the back of Yun Xis hand.

The more proud people were, the more sad they got as they got older, and the more they cherished being understood.

“Chenchen has always praised you for your medical expertise.

When I saw you, I couldnt believe that you were the young girl whod saved and healed the wounded.”

“Yes! Grandma, Little Yun Xis medical skills are really extraordinary.

The surgery she performed on me on the train, even the doctors at the hospital said that the best among them might not have succeeded in that situation.”

“Really Shes really that impressive”

Yun Xi smiled and leaned over to change the pillow behind the old Madame.

“Ive only learned a little bit about this subject when I lived in the countryside.

The essence of Chinese medicine is profound, and Western medicine advances with the times.

Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to harmony with the world and makes slow progress, while Western medicine aims to eliminate problems at the microscopic level and conducts thorough treatments.

The methods are different, and sometimes the effects arent the same either.”

Yun Xi extended her hand toward the old Madames wrist, then smiled and chatted as she felt her pulse.

She seemed to be chatting nonchalantly, but Mrs.

Chen could see that this girl had a serious and attentive look on her face as she felt the pulse.

Her multitasking abilities were quite exemplary.

Seeing her withdraw her hand, the old Madame smiled and asked, “Girl, what have you discovered”

Yun Xi raised her head, and glanced around the room at the doctors and Young Marshal Mu, who were staring at her.

Her calm, composed smile made her appear like a confident queen who was in control of the entire situation.

“The old Madames ailment isnt severe, and there is no need for surgery.”

When she said this, almost everyone was stunned.

The doctors standing in the bedroom were all experts and professors from the city hospital.

Upon hearing her say this, they looked at each other and the expressions on their faces seemed quite displeased.

Worried that she would delay the old Madames timely treatment, they took turns trying to discredit her.

“Little girl, what can you possibly know about medicine at such a young age Chinese medicine is extensive and profound.

You just learned a little bit of gibberish and are now talking nonsense.

If the old Madame doesnt undergo surgery for her disease in a timely manner, once the stroke paralyzes her, it will be difficult to treat her!”

“Thats right! The old Madame only has mild symptoms now.

If shes not treated in time, who will be responsible in case something happens”


Yun Xi turned to look at the hostile doctors with cold eyes.

The doctors were probably afraid of taking responsibility, but they were also afraid of offending the Chen family in case they didnt live up to expectations.

They were being completely inconsiderate of the patients desires.

“If something happens, I will be responsible.”

Mu Feichi, who had remained silent, suddenly spoke with an impassive expression.

The noisy bedroom suddenly fell silent.

In astonishment, Yun Xi turned her head and looked at Young Marshal Mu, who was standing up for her, and she felt a stirring inside.

“Traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine have different fundamental tenets.

You all havent even listened to her yet, so why are you all so desperate to discredit her”

After hearing his frosty words, the doctors exchanged sheepish glances.

No one dared to refute him.

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