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There were too many people crowding around just now that Liang Xinyi did not see who had stepped on Jiang Yuwens skirt, but she knew it definitely wasnt her!

Enduring the overwhelming resentment in her heart, she gritted her teeth and reached out to help Jiang Yuwen tidy up her dress.

To her surprise, the zipper on her dress had already fallen off.

She couldnt get the dress back on, no matter how hard she tried, so she had no choice but to hold it up for her from behind.

When Jiang Yuwen heard her say that the zipper was broken, she was so furious that she wanted to slap her in the face once more.

Having caused such a huge scene, there was no way Qi Siyu would let such a great opportunity slide without putting her in a tight spot!

Thinking about how she might have to lose at the social banquet again this year, Jiang Yuwen became infuriated yet she had nowhere to vent this boiling rage! If she were to wait for another three years, she would not be able to participate because of her age, and then she would never have the chance to win the title of the first-class socialite.

She had always been defeated by Qi Siyu all her life, and with the thought of that in her head, she could barely swallow her anger!

”Then, what am I supposed to do now” Jiang Yuwen glared angrily at Liang Xinyi, who was feeling even more annoyed than her.

Every time the mighty Miss Jiang lost her temper, she could never calm herself.

Liang Xinyi felt twice as aggrieved as she was already.

She wanted to blame this on that cursed girl, but at that moment, Yun Xi was nowhere in sight!

Jiang Yuwen now believed that she was the one who had stepped on her dress and caused her total embarrassment.

If Liang Xinyi wanted to stay in this circle, she couldnt afford to offend Jiang Yuwen.

After thinking about it, she had no other choice but to grit her teeth and endure it, so she helped Jiang Yuwen to her feet.

Then, she turned to look at Qi Siyu who was in front of her.

”Miss Qi, Miss Jiangs dress is torn, so she may need to get changed…”

Qi Siyu nodded with a solemn expression, “You may escort her back, and continue with the assessment when you return.

As for Miss Jiang, you wont be required to come back.”

”What do you mean by that” Jiang Yuwen clutched her chest for fear of another wardrobe malfunction.

She had been full of hope, thinking about how she would regain her grace by showing her best self after going through this awkward hiccup.

However, Qi Siyus words were like ice-cold water pouring on her head.

”What do you mean Im not required to come back” Qi Siyu was the one who had spoken, so Jiang Yuwen naturally directed the question at her.

”Miss Jiang, Im afraid I dont see a shred of the most basic ladylike behavior in you thats worthy of being a socialite.”

”Qi Siyu, please do clarify.

How am I unworthy of being a socialite Who are you to disqualify me before the assessment has even begun”

”The way you are talking to me right now is very rude and disrespectful.

If it were any other cultured lady who had encountered your accident earlier, she would have dealt with it quickly to cut her losses and lessen the embarrassment.

You, however, slapped somebody in the face without even giving her the benefit of the doubt, and you called someones daughter a b*tch.

Is that something a lady would say A ladys grace is not only reflected in her talent and appearance but also in her every gesture and behavior.

As far as moral character is concerned, I will give you zero points for your lack of it—which just so happens to be the subject of evaluation for the first round of the assessment.”

As she said this, Qi Siyu did not even care to look at Jiang Yuwens expression and turned to the other male and female judges beside her, “My fellow panel of judges, what do you think”

One of the male judges who had been specially invited, was an honorary professor of Jingdu University.

When asked by Qi Siyu, she had said everything he wanted to say, so he simply nodded in complete agreement.

”Being calm in dealing with tough situations and not panicking in the face of peril is also one of the assessments for a socialite.

I must say, Miss Jiangs performance earlier has truly been unsatisfactory.

If you dont even have the basic ability to compose yourself, no matter how good your family background is, no matter how rich and knowledgeable you are, it will not help you.

Im sorry, I cant give you any points for this round of assessment either.”

Several other judges nodded in agreement, then shook their heads at Jiang Yuwen.

They gave their fairest evaluation and did not care if they would offend the Jiang family.

The nine judges gave her zero points for the first round of assessment.

Jiang Yuwen was so angry that her face turned pale, while her lips trembled with anger as she blurted in response, “Y-You… the bunch of you are being completely unreasonable!”

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