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The dress Zhao Yumo was wearing was blue and gray, and the coffee left a brown stain on her waist, which was impossible to hide

Failing to sabotage that cursed Yun Xi, Jiang Yuwen raised her chin and snorted coldly.

They would be here for two days, so she would have her chance to make another move anyway.

Liang Xinyi glanced at Zhao Yumos gloomy face.

Although the one who had taken the fall wasnt that messenger of death—Yun Xi, seeing that Zhao Yumo had suffered instead was rather satisfying too.

She deserved it for teaming up with the devil.

As Yun Xi and Su Ximan came down from the stairs, they saw Zhao Yumo had been cornered on the pathway clutching onto her dress, trembling with anger.

The people standing in front of her were none other than the two idiots—Jiang Yuwen and Liang Xinyi.

Yun Xi tilted her head and nodded to Su Ximan.

Then she quickened her pace as she walked toward them while pulling out the hairpin from her hair.

The handle of the hairpin was a scalpel sheathed within a shell cover.

Having that slotted in her hair was the sharpest secret weapon she could carry.

The high heels on her feet made no sound when she stepped on the red carpet.

She moved very quickly.

By the time Liang Xinyi noticed her coming, it was too late.

Yun Xi had already bumped into Jiang Yuwens back with her shoulder before she could even warn her.

Jiang Yuwen was wearing a champagne-colored haute couture dress with a diamond embedded tube top.

There was a circle of melee-diamond lace dangling from the edge of her tube top.

Her D-cup breasts were tightly wrapped in that dress, looking extremely sexy while exuding a dignified sense of elegance that was deliberately concealed within her seductive figure.

Yun Xi couldnt help but sigh.

This expensive dress could really make any fool look like a lady.

Although it made her sigh, this beautiful dress was also the perfect target for her to make her move!

At that moment as she collided head-on, she quickly slid the scalpel along the zipper on Jiang Yuwens back, and the tiny hidden zipper fell silently on the carpet.

She quickly stepped on it and steadied herself up while pressing her hand against her forehead.

”My goodness, a good dog shouldnt stand in the way!”

“You imbecile—” Jiang Yuwen immediately turned around, and when she saw that it was her nemesis who had bumped into her, she exploded in anger.

She raised her hand, wanting to slap Yun Xi in her face, but Yun Xi quickly stopped her.

Squinting her eyes and smiling wickedly, she reminded her, “Miss Jiang, the temperament of a lady is also part of the assessment as a socialite.

I dont mind getting slapped in the face, but youll be the one who would have hit me.

In the eyes of the judges, your impulsive behavior of hitting people is not at all befitting of a socialite.

If you cant get into the final banquet and lose your chance of winning the title as a first-class socialite all because of the two of us, dont come crying to us later! And…”

Yun Xi pointed to her bare wrist.

“Its almost time to enter the hall.

If you slap me in the face just to be seen by the judges, you would have sabotaged yourself, and no one will be able to help you!”

Jiang Yuwen cursed silently in her heart.

There were more and more socialites walking toward them.

She couldnt make her move anymore, so she could only glare at Yun Xi.

She then lifted her dress and went in.

Liang Xinyi snorted softly and followed behind.

As soon as the two of them walked off, Yun Xi checked the coffee stains on Zhao Yumos dress.

Fortunately, the damage done was not too bad and her dress could still be saved.

She took out a tissue from her bag to dry up the stain.

Then, she looked down at the layers of tulle covering Zhao Yumos dress and ran her eyes across the back of her body where it wasnt visible from the front.

She cut out two strips of tulle from the hemline with her scalpel, then placed it on Zhao Yumos waist and lined it along her off-shoulder sleeves.

With one in the front and one at the back, she tied a bow on her shoulder.

The tulle placement perfectly covered the coffee stains on the waist without compromising the overall aesthetic of the dress.

Zhao Yumo looked down at her dress and was stunned for a moment.

She wanted to applaud the girl for her quick wit!

”Yun Xi, youre amazing!” Then, she looked down at the hairpin in Yun Xis hand only to realize what she was holding wasnt an ordinary hairpin at all.

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