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Since Fool Jiang had stood up for Yun Xi, the socialites at the hotel came by every now and then to chat and get acquainted with her.

Yun Xi did not refuse anyone who came and showed off her best socializing skills from her previous life.

She tackled group after group of socialites.

Regardless of whether the other party was trying to make friends or to demonstrate their superiority and flaunt themselves, she attended to every single one of them.

The way Yun Xi behaved and communicated so naturally—like a fish underwater—was an eye-opening experience for Zhao Yumo.

It was the first time she had seen Yun Xi socializing so eloquently, whereas she would have been impatient if it were her—especially when a few of them had deliberately come to show off.

It would have made her stomach churn if she had to utter even one more sentence to those women, but Yun Xi was able to throw the ball back at them with a smile.

By doing so, she stumped her opponents without directly offending anyone, and Zhao Yumo was truly in awe of her!

After all the commotion that went on until midnight, she finally sent everyone away.

Yun Xi lay lazily on the bed and sighed weakly, “Its tougher to deal with these women than venomous snakes and wild beasts!”

Zhao Yumo walked over from the couch in the corner.

She rolled Yun Xi over and massaged her shoulders for her.

“You looked like a natural to me.

I didnt think you were having a tough time at all!”

”If it was hard enough for you to watch from the sidelines, how do you think it was for me I had to keep a fake smile on.

Even my face hurts now from all that smiling.”

”Okay, lets wash up and rest early.

There might be a tough battle awaiting us tomorrow!”

Yun Xi nodded.

She had offended Jiang Yuwen earlier.

Knowing her IQ and Liang Xinyis temperament, they would most certainly make a move tomorrow, so she had better be on the lookout.

Not wanting to deal with the group of ladies, Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo went to the restaurant early the next morning to have their meal.

They managed to avoid meeting those likely to be there at peak meal times, who wouldve made them lose their appetites.

After they finished their food, they quickly went back to the room.

Having carefully calculated the stipulated entry time, the two of them came out of the room after changing into appropriate dresses.

The hotel was cozily heated.

Yun Xi looked at herself in the mirror by the door, wearing a one-shoulder embroidered satin dress in mustard yellow that was cinched around the waist.

The one-shoulder design reflected her petite oval face, and the double-layered bow tied around her body outlined her slender waist, while the pleated dress touched the ground.

There wasnt a dramatic fluffy tulle.

Instead, the way the dress was draped and the pleats highlighted her tall and slender figure.

Twirling her hair up, she took a flowery hairpin from her cosmetic bag and inserted it through the top of her hair.

She turned to look at Zhao Yumo who stood beside her.

She was wearing a blue and gray off-shoulder tulle dress embroidered with protruding flowers.

She looked both extravagant and decent without losing the elegance of a noble lady.

It looked so good on her that there was simply nothing to fault.

”Its almost time.

Lets go!” Yun Xi dragged Zhao Yumo along, and pulled out the key card as she exited the room.

Before reaching the entrance of the venue, Yun Xi was stopped by Su Ximan.

Zhao Yumo saw that the two of them looked like they had something to discuss, so she nodded to Yun Xi and went ahead to wait for her at the banquet venue.

To her surprise, someone had been waiting in the corner at the bottom of the stairs.

The moment she turned the corner, a cup of coffee came splashing toward her face.

With her quick reflexes, Zhao Yumo lowered her body and turned to the other side.

The person who had splashed the coffee was surprised by her speedy movements.

The coffee had merely touched the side of her arms and waist, while the rest spilled onto the carpet.

”You—” Zhao Yumo raised her head and looked at Jiang Yuwen who was standing in the corner trembling with fury.

She had clearly been waiting for her to arrive just to splash this cup of coffee at her.

The time was almost up, and she could not afford to go back and change her clothes now.

Punctuality was also one of the qualities evaluated as part of the assessment.

When Jiang Yuwen saw that it was not Yun Xi but Zhao Yumo who had been splashed with coffee, she became even more arrogant.

She dusted her hands and threw the coffee cup she was holding into the trash can beside her as if nothing had happened.

”Oops, Im so sorry.

I didnt mean to spill it on you.

My hands were shaky.

You shouldve watched where you were going.

Guess that will teach you a lesson!”

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