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The Socialite Ball of Jun Country, which happened once every three years, had become the most discussed topic in Jingdu.

As many socialites from all over the country would participate in the event, the host, personally selected by the President himself, was from one of the most prestigious families.

Sometimes, the host was the head of a prestigious family.

The other times, they were a famous and successful person in either the business, military or political circles.

The host of the new Socialite Ball was both surprising but kind of expected for Yun Xi and Mu Feichi at the same time.

The President had selected Qi Fengzhou, the Prime Ministers younger brother, to host the event.

He was a well-known man in the business world.

Although the Qi Family wasnt as rich as any of the Big Four Conglomerate Families, due to the Prime Ministers influence in the political world, the familys assets had been growing in the past few years.

If the Qiao family did not get their assets from the Han family, either the Zhao family or the Qi family wouldve taken the spot.

Judging from how the Prime Minister had decided to let his pawn, the Qiao Family, become one of the Big Four Conglomerate Families instead of his own family, had shown that he was determined to crumble the other three families to completely change the rankings.

The Three Great Clans still had control over the Big Four Conglomerate Families, especially when the Three Great Clans was led by Mu Feichis Mu family.

That would mean that all four families would be under the Young Commanders faction.

As the Young Commander had been opposing the Prime Minister for years, that was the main reason why Qi Linzhou had been trying to influence the Big Four Conglomerate Families.

However, he never would have thought that the goal that he had been meticulously planning for years but never succeeded was completed by a young lady.

Not only did she give him a chance to influence the Big Four Conglomerate Families, but he was also even able to make the Qiao family one of them.

In addition to that, he even got the opportunity to make the Han family work under him.

No matter the situation the Han family was in, they were still rich and powerful.

As the Socialite Ball was hosted by the Qi family this time, to not embarrass his family, Qi Fengzhou even chose a unique venue for it.

The event would be held at Liyu Villa, a famous getaway location in Jingdu, which used to be the emperors private residence.

The villa was built on top of a mountain that was surrounded by a three-kilometer-wide natural forest.

A road was specially built for people to head toward the mountain from the city.

After exiting that route, they would have to drive up the mountain road to get to the villa.

Although the place was well-known for a getaway location during the hot summer, the scenery during winter was picturesque as well.

During the winter, the guests were able to see the mountain covered in snow from the villa, and if they were lucky, they would be able to see elks roaming around.

The President quickly approved the location that Qi Fengzhou had chosen.

It just made sense for the Socialite Ball to be held at a place that was eye-catching and had so much history.

A lot of famous brands also took the chance to sponsor the event.

There was so much money pouring in that Qi Fengzhou didnt even have to dish out a single cent to host the event, and there was money leftover as well.

Just a few days before the Socialite Ball, Mu Feichis intelligence unit got word that Crocodiles mercenary unit had made their move.

Their timing and their secrecy forced Mu Feichi to make a lot of preparations for anything that could happen.

Another important piece of information was received by Yun Xi as well.

When Xiang Yuanjiu had learned that Yun Xi was going to participate in the Socialite Ball, he immediately gave her detailed information on the previous First-class Socialite.

Just a quick glance, and Yun Xi immediately knew who the previous winner was.

She was none other than the Prime Ministers daughter.

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