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Mu Feichi wrapped his arm around Yun Xis shoulder and gently pinched her to give her courage.

He knew what she was worried about, but what the fortune teller had said about her—that she was a star of death—was nothing more than a ruse to him.

If he did not care about it, neither would the Jiang family.

Just as Mu Feichi was about to say something, another person suddenly spoke from behind.

“Come on, is it that hard to be my sister My mom only has a son and she has been wanting a cute little daughter like you.

Why are you even hesitating”

Yun Xi turned to look at Jiang Chenghuan and smiled bitterly, “Dont you know That Im…”

She was sure that the head of the Jiang family had heard of her fate.

“If you are talking about what the fortune teller had said, then you are thinking too much.

If the Young Master doesnt care, do you think I will” Jiang Chenghuan raised his hand to pat Yun Xis head as if he already was her elder brother.

“Come on.

Our family never believed in that.

You dont have to feel so pressured.”

Yun Xi turned to look at Li Shuyuan, who was nodding at her.

The young lady couldnt believe that the motherly love she had yearned for in her past life, was being offered to her at that moment.

She had already lost all hope for experiencing the affection a mother had for her daughter, especially after she had fallen in love with Mu Feichi, who had lost his mother as well.

She never thought that Li Shuyuan would actually want to take her in as her goddaughter.

Yun Xi gently nodded, finally agreeing to it.

Even Old Master Jiang was happy with the result.

After letting out a weak cough, he ordered, “Son, well have to prepare a welcome party for Miss Yun when Im recovered.

Well have to let everyone know that you have a daughter now!”

“Of course, father.

Well find a day to clear our schedule and hold the party.”

Yun Xi, being accepted into the Jiang family was something no one had ever expected.

However, because of a sudden decision made by Li Shuyuan, the result came out with what everyone had been hoping for.

The more Li Shuyuan looked at Yun Xi, the more satisfied she was with the young lady.

If the Young Commander wasnt showing his affection toward Yun Xi so openly, she wouldve wanted the lady to marry his son.

Jiang Chenghuan was also excited now that he had a younger sister, to the point where he almost couldnt hold himself back from showing her off to his friends.

The only one who wasnt entirely happy with the news was Mu Feichi.

Now that Yun Xi was basically part of the Jiang family, the time he could spend with her would significantly lessen.

As Yun Xi had a chat with the Jiang family in the hospitals lobby, all the Young Commander could do was sit quietly at the side.

Yun Xi would turn to glance at Mu Feichi from time to time until she finally had the chance to signal to Jiang Chenghuan that she had to leave.

She took that chance and excused herself.

When they walked out of the hospital, Yun Xi grabbed Mu Feichis arm and tried to cheer him up as she had no choice but to ignore him while chatting with the Jiang Family.

“Young Commander, are you angry”

“No!” the man replied even though it was clear from his expression that he was.

“Its quite late and cold.

Why dont we go get some hotpot And then, maybe we can go watch a movie after that”

“Babe, are you asking me out on a date now”

Yun Xi nodded, knowing that she needed to cheer the man up.

“Of course! Youve been so busy lately, and we have not had any time to go out on a date.

Since you arent that young anymore, and you dont know what girls my age like to do, Id rather ask you out first.”

The man paused and turned to look at the lady who was trying to charm her way through him.


Dont you know men should be the ones doing this”

Yun Xi nodded, “Fine! Then you better ask me out next time!”

“However,” the man grinned, “I dont mind if you take the initiative sometimes.”

A short pause later, Mu Feichi leaned toward her ear and whispered, “Like, when we are in bed.”

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