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The man who was sitting on the couch lazily laid back as he watched the lady do whatever she wanted with him.

For the past few days, he had been on a mission out in the wilderness.

It was so cold out there that his body was almost frozen by the snow, to the point where there were times he could not feel his limbs.

However, during those painful few days, all he could think of was Yun Xis beautiful smile.

It seemed to him that she had become sort of his curse, a curse that he could never escape from even if he tried to.

When the lady quickly pulled her hands back, her face showing that she was completely flustered, Mu Feichi grinned.

All the frustration that he had accumulated from watching her talking to Han Yaotian through the CCTV was gone in an instant.

He couldnt help but admit that although Yun Xi could always make him frustrated, she could put that frustration out as well.

“Babe, I might mistake you for being aroused if the first thing you do is take my clothes off.”

Yun Xi was already completely embarrassed by the situation before that.

Now that Mu Feichi was openly flirting and teasing her, that embarrassment quickly turned into anger.

The only reason she took his robe off was that she was worried about him, and yet, he took the chance to tease her.

“Shut the hell up!” Yun Xi scolded as she glared at him.

Even though she was angry, Mu Feichi still found her expression cute.

It was clear that he was starting to feel something and he gulped.

After a short moment of silence, he finally reached out to touch her face and said, “I would eat you right here right now if not for my injuries.”

Yun Xi could feel the veins popping out of her forehead, and she gently slapped the man on his cheek.

She then forcibly turned him to his side, and with her other hand on the handle of the couch, she took off his robe and started to check if he was really injured.

Mu Feichi studied her reddened face for a while before he suddenly asked, “So, what did you talk to Han Yaotian about”

Yun Xi paused and turned to look at the laptop on the table.

The screen was showing the recording of the prison.

She knew that he would be able to see what she was doing in the prison, and she wasnt planning on hiding it from him.

As she removed the bandage around his wound so that she could apply a new one, she replied, “Dont you already know why Han Yaotian is a greedy person.

Hes the easiest among the Han family and the Qiao family for me to use.

Wouldnt it be a waste if I dont use the fact that you have Han Hongbins other b*stard son locked up If I can wait until he unites both the families and takes him out then, wouldnt it save me a lot of trouble”

“Not really,” Mu Feichi pouted, which made Yun Xi glare at him.

“Why would you think that it would be easy to use a man who only knows how to use his connection instead of his brain to fight the Qiao family Itll become troublesome one way or another, and then Ill have to clean up your mess.

Its bothersome.”

Yun Xis glare intensified, and she ripped the surgical tape on his body in one go, causing him to yelp in pain, “B-babe, that hurts…”

“Then dont spout nonsense!” Yun Xi scolded as she continued to change the bandage.

“In the end, arent you trying to make Han Yaotian and Qiao Ximin fight each other by tricking him into marrying her” Mu Feichi quickly changed the topic as he looked into her eyes.

“Who knew you had such a nature You are just getting more and more attractive every day.”

As he wasnt a saint either, he was also interested in watching a couple, forced to marry each other for their own benefit, try to kill each other.

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