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“Only if you promise me that nothing will happen to you.

Or else nothing will stop me from doing anything to ensure that.”

After fighting on countless battlefields, death around him was something that Mu Feichi had become accustomed to.

The only thing that the Young Commander actually cared about was Yun Xis safety.

Anything else was of no importance to him.

Yun Xi smiled, even though her mouth was covered by a face mask and Mu Feichi could not see it.

That was the only way she could comfort herself in such a situation.

“Of course! I wont let anything happen to myself either,” she promised.

There were still many things waiting for her to do.

She still had to participate in the socialite ball and continue her effort to control all of Jingdu.

Her goal in life was to grow old together with this man who was talking to her.

Yun Xi was not going to let her second chance at life be a waste.

“If this really is a new virus, then it means theres no vaccine for it yet.

When Su Hang arrives later, he will perform tests on everyone.

Those who arent infected have to leave this mansion, while those who are infected will have to head to the nursing home with Old Master Jiang.

Although this is just speculation.

If its really a new virus, then for the following few weeks, Ill have to find a cure for the Old Master and develop a new vaccine with Su Hang.

Ill also need help from various virologists as well.

Can you…”

“Ill get a few virologists to assist you.

Youll have everything you need for this.

But, remember, your safety comes first, okay Youll have to remain safe, no matter what!”

When Mu Feichi asked Yun Xi to promise him this, his voice was shaky.

He was afraid that she would eventually get infected while she was trying to work on a cure and a vaccine.

All the Young Commander could do was pray to God that it was all a mistake, that Yun Xi had misdiagnosed what was wrong with Old Master Jiang.

There was still hope since it hadnt been confirmed that Old Master Jiang had been infected with a new virus yet.

“I promise! Another thing! I need your personal medical team, especially experts in respiratory and internal medicine.

We need a team that can tackle the situation together if we want to successfully create a vaccine and a cure.”

“Of course! Ill get you everything you need,” Mu Feichi replied.

Yun Xi nodded and urged him to go and start on the preparations.

Su Hang arrived faster than Yun Xi had expected.

Just as she had finished instructing the butler to go and purchase several different kinds of disinfectants, she heard a helicopter approaching the mansion.

Once the helicopter had landed, Su Hang led a team of medical experts out of it, all dressed in white full protective suits and holding cases.

Jiang Chenghuan had already emptied a storage room and disinfected it.

The medical team that Su Hang was leading first tested Jiang Chenghuan and his parents to eliminate potential secondary cases.

“Young Commander…even if you have been injected with all sorts of vaccines, we are dealing with a potential new virus.

We have to be extremely careful,” Su Hang explained before quickly doing a test on Mu Feichi as well.

With all their equipment set up, the team started to proceed with the tests.

Yun Xi had also taken a blood sample from herself and Old Master Jiang to be tested.

The wait for the results was long.

Everyone was giving 110 percent of their attention to the analyses.

Yun Xi stood on the balcony.

The clear fresh air outside had managed to calm her down a little.

The worst outcome would be that Old Master Jiang had contracted the SARS virus, just as she had expected.

She told herself that the only thing she could do at that moment was to calm down.

If he had contracted SARS, then all she could do would be to start to develop a vaccine with Su Hang.

Three hours had passed since the tests had started.

The sun had already set and snow had begun to fall once again.

Yun Xis hands and feet were starting to freeze because of the drop in temperature, while Mu Feichi still remained standing in the garden, seeking warmth from the small lamp that the butler had given him.

Finally, the door to the storage room opened, and Su Hang came out frowning.

In his hands were the reports.

Jiang Chenghuan didnt even have to ask to know from Su Hangs expression that Yun Xi had been right.

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