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Chapter 1341 More Plans

Han Wanling held the photo in her hands tightly while coldly fixing her eyes on the woman standing in front of her.

“Ill only give you the money when I get the video.

Also, you better keep your mouth shut about this.

Your husband is dead.

Its in the past.

If you try and threaten me with this again, things will not end well for you.”

As long as Han Wanling could get the video away from this woman, then the woman would lose her bargaining chip to threaten her with.

If the woman tried to threaten her again, she could sue her for defamation and blackmail.

If Han Wanling didnt get rid of this video that had been recovered by the hacker immediately, it could soon prove to be her downfall.

The best outcome would be if she could handle the situation with money.

If she couldnt, she would have no choice but to turn to a more violent measure.

“Of course! Of course!” The woman nodded greedily and tried to study Han Wanlings expression.

“Um…when should I bring the video to you” “Where is it Well go pick it up now.” “What about the money” The woman did not expect Han Wanling to want the video right away and was worried that she wouldnt get the money.

“I can make a withdrawal on our way there.

Is 200,000 enough”

“Yes, of course!” The woman couldnt help but gulp and show signs of surprise when she heard that she would be paid such a large sum of money.

Han Wanling scoffed and pointed toward the entrance.

“Go and wait outside.

Ill have someone drive you there.” “What about you If you dont come, whos going to give me the money Werent you the one who said Id only get the money if I handed you the video first I think its better if I take the video to the police…” Han Wanling scowled at the woman.

“Fine! Ill go with you.

You have to hand me all the videos and photos you have, and Ill give you the money.

If your hacker friend has a copy, then he can come and exchange it for money from me too.

You know I am the heir of the Han family.

Money is nothing to me.

All I want is that video.”

“O…okay! I get it.

Ill call him and tell him to meet us at the entrance to the village.

I promise you Ill give you everything.”

“Good!” Han Wanling nodded.

“Now, go wait for me outside.”

Han Wanling watched the woman leave.

The look on her face changed and a dark expression replaced the expression that had been on her face previously.

This one looked as if it was evil enough to kill a person.

She then took out her phone and called her bodyguard before heading down to the parking


Han Wanling had always believed that only the dead could keep a secret forever, and that this was the only way to be certain that it wouldnt ever leak out.

On the street outside the Han Corporation, a couple of normal-looking vans stopped by the driveway.

Team Leader A watched as the woman walked out.

According to their planning, the woman would pull her jackets zipper up if the plan had been successful.

If the plan turned out to be a failure, then the woman would walk out with her jacket open.

Seeing that the plan had been successful, Team Leader A immediately called Yun Xi to report on the situation so that she could prepare for the next part of the plan.

Not long after that, a few cars of different colors and makes exited the underground parking lot of the Han Corporation.

The black car in the front stopped next to the woman.

As the window was rolled down, Han Wanling looked out at the woman and ordered her, “Get in!”

The woman nodded as she curiously studied the luxury vehicle.

She wiped her hands before opening the door and getting in.

Han Wanling turned her head away in disgust and ordered the driver to go.

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