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After having been framed by Yun Xi, Han Wanling was now wary of anyone who got close to her, especially people she wasnt acquainted with.

The woman turned around and quickly grabbed Han Wanlings wrist.

It was as if she was afraid the young lady would run away if she let go.


Han!” the woman exclaimed, with visible signs of anxiety in her eyes.

“What did you make my husband do Hes dead now.

How are my son and I going to live without him”

“What are you talking about Who the heck are you I dont even know who you are.

Have you mistaken me for someone else”

Han Wanling tried to pull her hand back in disgust, but the womans grip was too strong for her.

Her wrist was starting to hurt, to the point where she almost slapped the woman.

“No! You are the one who asked my husband to kidnap Ms.


My husband is now dead because of that.

I have the right person.”

The moment Han Wanling heard that it was about Qiao Ximins kidnapping, she quickly dragged the woman away into a corner and warned her with a scowl, “What bullsh*t are you spewing I dont even know who your husband is.

Get the h*ll out before I call security!”

It had taken the Han family a lot of effort and money to get Han Wanling released from jail.

After suffering so much inside there, she didnt want to go back.

Han Wanling didnt care if this woman was really one of the kidnappers wives.

All she knew was that she had to make sure that her words didnt leave this room.

“I know I am uneducated, but you cant scare me like that.

I have a video of the kidnapping, and I have seen a conversation between you and my husband.

I clearly saw you talking to him.

Other people can prove that he was working for you too.

How dare you pretend to not know him now that hes dead,” the woman spoke very fast and started to wail.

“My husband was our only source of income.

Hes dead now.

I still have a child and his parents living with me.

How are we going to live now Why are you still alive when hes dead”

Han Wanling glared at the woman with hatred and disgust.

She grabbed the woman and pulled her closer.

“Shut the h*ll up,” she scolded her while gritting her teeth.

No matter how dumb Han Wanling was, she could tell what the woman wanted by causing such a scene.

The woman wanted more money, and she knew she could threaten Han Wanling to get it.

Han Wanling was completely infuriated.

Not only had the group of kidnappers made a mistake by kidnapping Qiao Ximin instead of Yun Xi, but they were still causing her problems even now when they were dead.

‘”One more word from you and you will not get a cent from me.”

The mention of money made the woman shut up immediately.

Even though she was still sobbing, there was no hint of sadness in her eyes.

Instead, her eyes were filled with cunning.

Han Wanling hated people who were greedy and loathed people who tried to blackmail her, especially people like this woman who had something over her.

She knew that if she gave this woman some money, the woman would come back to ask for more, using the same excuse.

She could even be a

threat to her life if things got serious.

Han Wanling knew that she had to solve this problem at any cost..


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