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The only thing necessary for that to come true was that she had to take care of Han Yaotian before she could inherit the family.

“Dad, even though Im out of jail now, the Qiao family has taken this chance to strengthen their family.

With the situation we are in now, we have to find someone reliable to support us.

Weve been siding with the Young Commander for so many years, so I thought he would at least help us.

Who wouldve expected that he would ignore our pleas for help We didnt even get any support from him after being loyal to him for so long.

He has even tried to bring us down.”

It wasnt a secret that the big four wealthiest families had always sided with the three noble clans.

Han Hongbin was also angry at the Young Commanders betrayal.

What frustrated them the most was not that Mu Feichi had refused to help them, causing their family to fall into such a state, but that the Young Commander had allowed Yun Xi to trick them.

“I know what you are trying to say.” Han Hongbin cut Han Wanlings words short.

“We do need someone as powerful as the Young Commander to help us solve this problem.

Dont worry, God has not abandoned us yet.

When I went to meet with the Young Commander a few days ago, I got a call from the Prime Minister and have met with him instead…”

The mention of the Prime Minister made Han Wanlings eyes flash wide open.

This had been her plan from the beginning: to ask the Prime Minister for help.

She couldnt believe that the Prime Minister had been the one who had come to them first.

“What did he say Is he willing to help us”

“He wants to help us, but with one condition.

We must make up with the Qiao family since they are siding with him.

The Prime Minister doesnt want people working under him who are fighting each other.”

As soon as the father finished speaking, Han Yaotian couldnt help but blurt out, “And how are we supposed to do that The Qiao family has bitten a huge chunk off us, which has worsened the situation we are in.

Not only that, but they are even trying to replace us as one of the big four wealthiest families.

Isnt it a bit much to ask us to make up with them”

Han Hongbin let out a deep sigh.

Throughout his whole life, this was the first time he had ever been humiliated to such an extent.

It was indeed too much to ask him to make up with his enemy.

“I didnt expect the Prime Minister to set such a condition either.

Theres no way we arent getting back at the Qiao family eventually, but right now we need the Prime Ministers help.

The reason I summoned both of you here is to discuss this and see if we can come up with an idea to solve this dire situation that we find ourselves in.”

After a long silence, Han Wanling finally said, “If we can get the Prime Minister to solve our immediate problems, then it wont be hard for us to make up with the Qiao family for the time being.

We have to make sure we remain as part of the big four wealthiest families and get out of this mess.

Only then can we get back at the Qiao family.

If we let them replace us, not only will the Prime Minister ignore us, but we will also lose our only chance to survive.

Dad, a successful person must know when to yield and when not to yield.

For the future of the Han family, we have to endure this humiliation first.”

Han Hongbin turned to look at his daughter, who had just been released from police custody.

After spending a few days locked up, she had become the calmest person in the room.

After thinking about Han Wanlings suggestion for a while, the father finally nodded.


I get it.

Lets just do what Wanling has suggested.

Ill set up a meeting with the Prime Minister right away.

We have to end this as fast as we can.”

After the meeting had concluded, Han Wanling didnt spend any more time in her fathers office but returned to her own.

The moment her secretary saw her coming, she quickly got up and greeted her: “Miss Han, theres a woman here who wants to meet with you.

She doesnt have an appointment and is causing a huge scene…”.


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