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Chapter 1333 Home Run

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Gu Baifan eventually suppressed the news of Liang Xiuqin throwing acid on her daughter in public.

In order to safeguard Yun Xis reputation, Gu Baifan effectively

controlled the spread of the news.

Even though that was the case, everyone in the Urban Construction Bureau knew what had happened.

Because of this matter, the Discipline Inspection Committee had summoned Yun Yuanfeng for several meetings.

And, whenever he was in the office, the looks he got from

his colleagues always made him feel a little awkward and disheartened.

Just as Yun Yuanfeng was thinking about trying to further suppress the matter, there was more news about a press conference that swept through the city.

It immediately

overshadowed the farce that he had been involved in and successfully helped solve his problems.

Yun Xi stood in the living room of her apartment.

While she was cleaning, she watched the news broadcast about the press conference held by the Qiao family and the Han


At the news conference, Qiao Ximin publicly clarified the truth about the video.

“The video everyone saw was an edited clip.

Miss Han did not kidnap me.

Instead, we were rehearsing for a scene from an upcoming movie.

The Han Corporation and the

Qiao Corporation have invested in a new suspense film, “Out of Time”.

Miss Han is planning to join the film industry.

It just so happens that the director is my friend, and he

was auditioning Miss Han when I visited him.

The video was an audition clip.

I did not expect someone to upload it and fabricate rumors to slander Miss Han and me.


these things have reflected badly on us, and Miss Han has really suffered because of them.

I hope the relevant parties will do Miss Han justice on this matter…”

Mu Feichi came in with a bag of snacks that Feng Rui had just delivered.

He took a glance at the press conference on the television, and he sneered.

“It seems like the Han family has run out of talent.

They actually come up with such lame excuses.

Do they really think that everyone is a fool”

“Sir, didnt you already guess that this would happen” Yun Xi laughed and joked with him.

“Now, the public will only want to see and hear what they want.

No one will pay

attention to whether it is the truth or not.

Most people will just treat it as something they can talk about over dinner and drinks.”

Putting away her broom and mop, Yun Xi pointed at the beautiful, confident Qiao Ximin on the television.

“Now, who would care if Han Wanling actually kidnapped Qiao

Ximin or not They also do not care that the Qiao family and the Han family are now clarifying the matter.

People are just curious about the final outcome.

They want to see

if Han Wanling will be acquitted and what will happen to the two families.”

“There are no doubts about the current situations of the Han family and the Qiao family.

Everyone already knew that they were looking for a way out.

Han Wanling will soon

be released from the police station, so what will you do next If you cant handle it, I can do it for you.”

“I have already made the arrangements.

People will only feel that its deliberate slander if someone steps in to make more claims about the Han family right now.

Even if

there is solid evidence, they will always find excuses to refute the claims.

Now that the Qiao family and the Han family have joined hands, my winning chances are not high.


will make my move again when Han Wanling is released so that she can get locked up again.

Only this way will I feel good.”

If she wanted a victory, she needed to hit a home run and not just stop at first base.

Yun Xi had way bigger plans.

Destroying the Han family and Han Wanling was just her first step.

After that, it would be Han Yaotian and Han Hongbins turns, and her last

move would be to destroy the Han Corporation.

Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows and chuckled.

“Then it looks like I will just sit and wait for the good show to start!”.

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