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Chapter 1331 Crisis Is Over

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“Why should I be ashamed about being proud of my girlfriend”

To this man, his girlfriend was the best no matter what.

Mu Feichi had a soft, gentle look on his face that he would only show to Yun Xi.

It was as if this little darling in his arms was the most precious thing in the whole world.

He looked like he wanted more, so he pinched her chin and tilted her face up.

He then cheekily teased her, “Also, my little witch is not only beautiful, but also kindhearted and ruthless.

Her medical skills are superb, and

everything about her is so mesmerizing…”

“Stop! Hold on! Sir, are you praising me or criticizing me”

This haughty man really didnt know how to describe a person.

Who would use both kindhearted and ruthless together in describing someone

“Im praising you! This woman I love is definitely an extraordinary person.

And in my opinion, I dont see a problem with being ruthless while at the same time having a kind heart.”

Mu Feichi simply said that he didnt see it as a problem, and his words put a stop to whatever Yun Xi had wanted to say.

His mind and vision really couldnt be compared to most ordinary peoples.

He was honest with her, yet she couldnt tell him everything about her identity.

After all, no one would believe her story about coming back to life.

“Young Commander…” Yun Xi looked up at him hesitantly and only managed to speak after several minutes.

“Sir, why are you not asking me for the reason that I let Yun Ziling get disfigured”

She doesnt care about what others think of her.

She only wants to know how Mu Feichi felt about it.

After all, he had control over all the things happening in Jingdu.

He clearly knew everything, but he chose not to ask anything of her.

“About what” Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows, and his dark-colored eyes fell on her questioning face.

He thought that Yun Xi was worried that he might think that she was too vicious, and he wouldnt like a cruel and

brutal woman to be around him.

But actually, all these little tricks meant nothing much to him.

“I just thought of something.

Previously, I stayed in your house when I was injured and refused to leave.

In those few days when we shared the same bed, you seemed to have the same dreams repeatedly.”

“Oh What were they” It was true that Yun Xi did not have good sleeps when she had first come back to life.

She would dream about getting disfigured by Liang Xiuqin or about Han Yaotian pushing her off the


Seeing how he suddenly was talking about her dreams, she doesnt know if she had revealed anything while talking in her dreams.

So, she could only blink and pretend not to understand what Mu Feichi was talking


“There were a few times when you sounded terrified.

You kept screaming about your face and kept shouting at your mother not to hurt you…”

Mu Feichis heart hurt so badly whenever he recalled the distressed and dazed look she had after waking up from those dreams.

Everyone knew how Liang Xiugin and Yun Ziling had bullied Yun Xi when she had just returned to the Yun family.

Yet, she endured, and she took control of the situation.

If Mu Feichi hadnt promised her not to

intervene, he would have dealt with the mother-and-daughter pair long ago.

Speaking of that dream, Yun Xi unconsciously reached up to touch her face.

Although it was only a dream now, it had actually happened to her in her previous life.

“I think you must have dreamt about being disfigured by your mother”

Since the day hed met her, hed always thought that she was much more sensitive about her face than any average person.

Mu Feichi did not think too much about it and only thought that Yun Xi had gotten scared from the dreams.

“Looking at how she disfigured Yun Ziling today, your mother might really have done that to you one day if you didnt make your move first.

Now, the crisis is over once and for all.

You wont get nightmares anymore.”

Yun Xi looked up at him in a daze, but she still couldnt say what she wanted to.

Mu Feichi had already provided her a way out of explaining by attributing the matter to her nightmares, even though it wasnt exactly the


However, it was a flawless explanation, so it would be stupid for her to add anything.

“All right, dont think too much about it.

You still have me with you.”

“Yup, I know.”.

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