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Chapter 1329 Little Creature

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Gu Baifan went to Tianyu Mountain and told Mu Feichi about everything that had happened at the hospital today.

He had thought that the Young Commander would be shocked by the girls actions.

Although it hadnt really surprised him and had certainly achieved her goal of eradicating Liang Xiuqin, her cruel way of achieving her

goal had been rather chilling.

“Young Commander, arent you shocked at all”

Gu Baifan stared at Mu Feichi, who was out in the courtyard feeding raw meat to Great White.

His calm and nonchalance left Gu Baifan a little puzzled.

“What was so shocking Did she actually hurt anybody Even if she gave the sulfuric acid to Liang Xiuqin, the final choice was still in Liang Xiuqins hands.

My sweetheart just gave her a choice that led her to make a

decision that ended up spelling her demise.

If she had really loved Yun Ziling as much as she pretended to, she would have given up everything and just gone to prison, right The greed and selfishness of human nature

have automatically determined the result of Yun Xis ploy.

At the end of the day, didnt everything turn out just fine”

What did the life and death of others have to do with him He only cared if his Little Creature was safe.

Nothing else mattered to him.

Moreover, this was the perfect ending that he had envisioned.

Only by eradicating her mother could she finally free herself from the burden of that volatile mother and sister of hers.

Otherwise, whatever she tried to achieve in the future, she would have forever been dragged

down by them.

“What youre saying seems to make sense, but I can tell from every word you speak that youre simply protecting your little lamb, Young Commander.”

As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

This young girl in the eyes of this man could simply do no wrong.

“If I dont protect my own woman, what good am I Do you think I should leave it up to you”

After feeding Great White the last piece of raw meat, Mu Feichi went inside and washed his hands.

Then he asked Gu Baifan casually, “Where is she now”

“She told me she was going back to school and didnt want me to give her a ride.

It seemed to me that she wasnt too happy after dealing with her mother.

She looked dispirited…”

Before Gu Baifan could finish speaking, he saw Mu Feichi turn around and head toward the mudroom, pick up a car key, and go straight to the garage.

“Young Commander, where are you going Let me drive you.”

As Gu Baifan ran out of the front door to chase after him, he saw Mu Feichis sports car speeding out of the garage, heading toward the foot of the mountain.

Standing at the door of Mu Mansion, Gu Baifan let out a sigh.

“This man is such a fool in love.

All his rationality and composure have just flown out the window.”

nstead of going to Beijing University, Mu Feichi drove to an apartment nearby and unlocked the door with his key.

[t was now winter, and the temperature in Jingdu was very cold.

When he opened the door of the apartment, he did not feel the warmth of the heating.

To his surprise, he caught a glimpse of a figure curled up asleep

on the bean bag chair.

He switched on the heating, changed into slippers, and approached her quietly.

His Little Creature was all curled up inside the beanbag chair.

A small human ball was enveloped by the giant beanbag.

Her hair covered the side of her serene face, and, even though she was asleep, her brow was


This insecure and vulnerable image of her made his heart ache.

He had gotten used to her always pretending to be strong, proud, and stubborn, like an undefeatable cock, constantly holding her head high so that no one could see her weak side.

Feeling the coldness in the room, he frowned as he reached out to touch her cold face.

If it hadnt been for her soft breathing, he would have wondered if this silly little girl had frozen to death.

“Babe…” He cuddled up beside her and stretched out and pulled her into his arms.

With his coat unbuttoned, he wrapped it around her ever so tightly.

As if only the warmth of his body could drive away the coldness within her….

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