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Chapter 1325: Disfigured

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When Yun Xi arrived, there was no one in Yun Zilings room, so she walked to a window by a stairwell on the third floor and casually looked down at the two people in the garden.

The back garden of the inpatient department had been near a small lake.

Rumor had it that many cancer patients had committed suicide by jumping into the lake, and because of this, very few people had frequented the garden.

The hospital had wasted a lot of manpower and resources to fill in the lake and had planted it with flowers and trees.

Since hardly anybody visited this garden, the management did not pay much attention to it, so the garden eventually became less appealing.

However, the flowerbeds in front of the inpatient department had become a place for inpatients to bask in the sun and stroll around.

The place where Yun Xi was standing was not far from the area where Liang Xiuqin and Yun Ziling were.

She was standing at a vantage point up high, so she could clearly see the movements of the two people down below.

The phone in her pocket dinged.

She swiped it open and glanced at the message notifying her that Gu Baifan had already arrived.

She quickly typed a few words on her phone screen and clicked send.

She glanced back down at the two people below her.

In her last life, when Liang Xiuqin had disfigured her face, she had not been as kind and hesitant as she was being now.

Her mother had been willing to ruin her own future for Yun Ziling.

Although Qiao Ximins manipulation and betrayal were things that had ruined Yun Xis previous life, it was still her mother who had cruelly destroyed her in the end.

After she was reborn, no matter how hard she tried, she still could never forget the scene when her mother cruelly disfigured her.

In the garden down below, Yun Ziling sat on a chair with her eyes closed, enjoying the warm sunshine, while her mind was flooded with thoughts about how her mother was going to prison tomorrow.

After her mother was locked away in prison, she would try her best to please her father so that she could gain more of his attention and favor in the future.

After all, before Yun Xi returned, she would have been the rightful person in the family who deserved his love.

And so what if she were to come back now What belonged to her would still be hers.

Liang Xiuqin stayed on her feet, clutching the glass bottle in her pocket tightly.

She gritted her teeth and struggled nervously, her complex emotions piling up until the final shred of her sanity crumbled away.

Seeing Yun Ziling enjoying herself with her eyes closed, she thought about how this selfish face had never once given the slightest thought to her mother.

Even when Yun Yuanfeng had called to ask her about her final decision yesterday, she had kissed up to him, saying that she would never leave to live with her mother.

Liang Xiuqin had heard every single word of it through the door.

Taking her to go shopping had just been to humor her and help her kill time while spending every last bit of her money.

From the beginning to the very end, she had never once showed the slightest bit of solicitude for her own mother.

She had even taken the opportunity to take advantage of her in her final moments.

She had raised her, nurtured her, and loved her for so many years.

What a blind fool she had been!

She had not slept a wink all night and had kept thinking about the same question, asking herself over and over again, Was it really worth it to jeopardize the rest of her life just for the sake of her selfish and hopeless daughter

In the end, the answer she had gotten was only one word-no.

Taking a deep breath, Liang Xiuqin stretched out her trembling hand from her pocket.

The moment she lifted the lid off, it was like she had been possessed by the devil.

She suddenly felt an exhilarating sense of relief.

Then, she viciously splattered the transparent liquid in the bottle all over Yun Zilings face.

AAAHHH! Yun Ziling, who had been basking in the sun, screamed bloody murder as soon as she was splashed with the sulfuric acid.

She instinctively covered her face with her hands.

She could not open her eyes, and the searing pain made her scream deafeningly.

“My face! It hurts so bad… Mom! Mom!”

Through her hazy vision, she could vaguely see Liang Xiuqin holding a glass bottle in her hand.

Even an idiot would have been able to tell who it was who had caught her off guard and attacked her..

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