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Chapter 1322: Shunning Qiao Ximin

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The clock on the wall of the auditorium showed that the presentation had run over its scheduled time, but no one in the crowd showed any sign of wanting to leave.

Everyone was completely captivated as they listened to the man on stage telling intriguing stories about intelligence-gathering.

Even Yun Xi was surprised to find out that Mu Feichi had such a humorous side to him.

This gave her a deeper understanding of this man who she already knew so well.

Mu Feichi never once put on the attitude of the Young Commander when dealing with the civilian students of Jun Country.

He spoke in a familiar, approachable way that put everyone at ease.

“All right, that will be all on the subject of intelligence-gathering for today.

Its getting late, so if you have any questions, you can ask Professor Yi after attending his lessons.

Students, Ill let you go now since its almost time for dinner.”

He ended his lecture with perfect timing, Mu Feichi tumed to look at Yi Qianmo, who had been standing below the stage, and handed the podium back to him.

Unsatisfied that the lecture had ended so soon, a male student raised his hand and stood up.

“Young Commander, could you find time to come to our school to do another talk in the future”

This was probably the question that everyone had wanted to ask.

As soon as he finished his question, almost everyone in the audience nodded in agreement.

Mu Feichi stood below the stage, his posture tall and proud, standing out from the crowd like a glorious crane among chickens.

“Ill be here on New Years Day.

Dont let my presence interfere with your studies.”

“No, not at all! Thats a deal, then.

Our student union will make sure everything is arranged in advance.”

After the talk had ended, the students all seemed reluctant to leave.

Quite a few of them took out their notebooks and came forward to Yi Qianmo and Mu Feichi, wanting to ask for their autographs.

There were too many of them, and the student union did not know whether they should try to hold them


“Dont worry, everyone.

I will be on campus this entire week, so you will have time to get my autograph.

As for the Young Commander, you will also have the opportunity to get his on New Years Day.

With that, let us adjourn for today.”

After Yi Qianmo spoke, no one insisted, and they all left the venue in an orderly fashion.

The school representatives stood respectfully in the front row, thanking Mu Feichi and Yi Qianmo and even inviting them to dinner, which caused Mu Feichi to step purposefully on Yi Qianmos feet more than once.

Now he could not leave even if he wanted to.

“Tm afraid I have other matters to attend to, so Ill have to take a rain check on that.

However, Professor Yi will stay and have a meal with everyone.”

Yi Qianmo had brazenly forced him onto the stage earlier, and now Mu Feichi used him as a scapegoat and ungallantly threw him under the bus.

He was simply reciprocating his kindness.

Socializing was not something Yi Qianmo was good at.

Being cast out without Mu Feichi as his shield, Yi Qianmo felt completely cornered and he didnt know whether to cry or laugh about it.

Mu Feichi immediately grabbed Yun Xi and walked off, leaving Yi Qianmo alone to deal with the compliments and invitations from the entire bunch of school representatives.

Qiao Ximin was waiting outside the auditorium.

The moment she saw Mu Feichi walking out behind Yun Xi, she quickly strode past Yun Xi, as if she had not seen her at all, and approached Mu Feichi.

“Young Commander, its almost time for dinner.

Shall we grab a meal together”

‘Mu Feichi halted and replied nonchalantly, “Miss Qiao, arent you at your busiest time now”

“No matter, theres always time for dinner.”

“Ah, then youll have to excuse me.

Im afraid a busy man like me simply has no time for dinners.”

He had refused her so bluntly that Qiao Ximin didnt have time to hide her face.

The sudden rejection took her by surprise, and she just stood there with an embarrassed smile on her face.

Yun Xi tried her best not to laugh.

She gave Mu Feichi a thumbs-up from behind Qiao Ximins back and gestured silently to him that she would wait for him at the school gates.

Mu Feichi had no intention of exchanging small talk with Qiao Ximin, so he moved to turn away, without giving Qiao Ximin a chance to say another word.

“Young Comman¢er…did I do something wrong to make you angry I just wanted to buy you a meal…”1

“Do I look like someone who cant afford to buy my own meals”


“No…of course not…”

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