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Chapter 1320: Stubborn

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Yun Xi thought for a while, and then she nudged Mu Feichi with her arm.

“Hey, whats with that peculiar look on Professor Yis face”

Mu Feichi had clearly noticed what Yun Xi was talking about, and he snorted softly.

“Because in all the years that weve known each other, he has never once seen me sitting in an audience listening to him speak.

Now that his wish has come true, he should be feeling pretty good about himself.”

“TIl bet you were always the bossy bully in the group, right”

“Tve always treated people fairly.”

Accustomed to his bossiness and unreasonable behavior, Yun Xi was completely flummoxed about his definition of treating people fairly.

She smiled sweetly back at him without bothering to argue.

Suddenly, Yi Qianmos voice could be heard from the podium.

“Hello, students! I am a fellow academic, Professor Yi Qianmo.”

His warm voice carried over the microphone.

The way he humbly addressed them as one of them brought the entire auditorium to silence.

The rousing atmosphere that had completely stilled made everyone in the crowd feel a rush of excitement.

“Tm honored to have been invited by the principal and the board of directors of Beijing University to give a little talk to the students.

Fellow students, do you know who I am”

The moment Yi Qianmo asked this, all the girls present replied in unison, “Antiterrorism specialist!”

The voices spread throughout the auditorium.

After everyone had said this, someone else chimed in half a beat behind, “The most handsome man alive!”

This girls voice echoed across the venue, sounding so crystal clear that it was impossible not to hear.

The whole auditorium suddenly burst into a roar of laughter, and Yi Qianmo could not help smiling along with them.

Then he waved his hand, and the students settled down again.

“Tdont know if Im the most handsome man around, but I do know you are the bravest.

The topic of counterterrorism may be a little heavy for most of you here, but unfortunately this is what we will be discussing today.”

Yi Qianmo turned around and wrote huge words on the whiteboard: Counterterrorism and Peace.

“In the coming week, I will explain in detail basic knowledge about counterterrorism and how to respond to emergencies at Beijing University.

If you are interested, you can come by and have a listen.

Il be posting a schedule for the classes later…”

Sitting there, Yun Xi listened and watched as Yi Qianmo conducted his lecture without having prepared any materials beforehand.

Just like that, with one hand propped on the lectern, he stood there telling everyone about terrorist attacks in various countries and the negotiation techniques used to

counter terrorism.

The man was clearly discussing a serious and agonizing subject, but the words that came out of his mouth had more reverence for life and disgust for terrorism and resonated with everyone.

His humorous way of speaking matched with his handsome face and completely tuned this otherwise depressing

lecture around and achieved unprecedented results.

‘What Yun Xi had not expected was that when he finally got to the subject of intelligence-gathering, Yi Qianmo directly aimed his attention on Mu Feichi, who was sitting in the audience.

This was something that was supposed to be discussed in Yi Qianmos next lesson, but he took advantage of Mu Feichis presence and addressed the subject matter in advance.

“Since we have a special guest here today, rather than having me talk about this myself, I think it would be more appropriate if we invited him up on the stage to explain the conditions and methods of intelligence- gathering in dealing with antiterrorism.

“Who is this person, I wonder

“Who am I talking about”

‘As soon as Yi Qianmo said these words, the quiet auditorium erupted into noisy chatter.

Everyone was looking around at one another, without the slightest idea of where the person Yi Qianmo referred to was sitting.

Yun Xis eyes twitched nervously.

She kicked Mu Feichi surreptitiously and whispered softly, “You cant hide this time, Mu Three-Years-Old.

You wont be that rude and make Professor Yi lose face by not going up on the stage, right”

When Mu Feichi was being stubborn, it didnt matter who the other person was.

As long as he refused to do something, nothing and nobody could make him budge.

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