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Chapter 1314: Destroy Yun Ziling

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After being married to him for so many years, Liang Xiugin knew what kind of a person Yun Yuanfeng was.

No matter how ruthless he was, he would give up anything for his future.

Once again, the mother underestimated her daughter, thinking that Yun Xi was still young and the condition would be something easy.

As long as she could get her hands on the videos, she would win the race against her husband.

Yun Xi quietly looked at her mother, who she could see was drawing up a plan in her head.

If Liang Xiuqin really thought that her daughter was still the same innocent little girl from the countryside, then it must be the mother who was the simpleminded one.

Yun Xi had vowed that she would pay back what her mother had done to her in her past life.

“My condition is pretty simple.” Yun Xi then took out a glass bottle from her backpack and coldly smiled.

“This is sulfuric acid.

If you pour this on Yun Zilings face, Ill give you the video.”

“What did you say” Liang Xiuqin couldnt believe what she had just heard.

The mention of sulfuric acid terrified her, and she did not take the bottle.

‘The mother stared at the glass bottle.

Even though the liquid inside it was transparent, it was something powerful and evil that could destroy a persons life.

Liang Xiuqins body began to shiver in fear and she pointed at Yun Xi with a shaky finger.

“A…are you trying to ruin your sisters face How can you be so cruel”

Yun Xi scoffed and coldly stared into Liang Xiuqins angry eyes.

The mother had poured acid over her face in her past life, and she was going to make the mother and her sister suffer the same pain as she had.

“What Dont want to Yun Ziling has already abandoned you so that she could live a better life.

Whats holding you back”

“Even if she did abandon me, shes doing so to make sure she can have a better future.

I never once blamed her.”

“Is that so Youve raised her with so much effort, and yet she left you when you needed her the most.

Do you expect me to believe that you arent even a little angry”

“So Shes still my daughter.

No! I cant do it! You are way too cruel.

What will you become once you grow up How can you even plot to harm your own sister” The more Liang Xiugin scolded, the angrier she got.

She couldnt believe she had given birth to such a ruthless creature and raised this daughter

to the point where she felt threatened by her.

“I shouldve killed you instead of my son! Why did I even raise such a cursed thing”

Liang Xiugin was completely infuriated.

Not wanting anything to happen to Yun Ziling, she leaped forward to try and snatch the bottle away from Yun Xi.

That was the only way for her to remove any threat toward Yun Ziling.

However, Yun Xi coldly stared at her mother who was charging at her, and moved sideways.

She then put her foot forward, tripping her mother and making her fall to the floor.

“You cursed brat! I will never promise you this condition!”

“Oh Is that so Then, too bad for you.

I guess Il give the videos to Dad so that he can dispose of them.

Maybe I can leave a good impression on him too, and hell love me even more.

When that happens, youll lose the only chance you have to beat this thing.” Yun Xi paused then sighed, “Well, now that I

think about it, its not a bad thing for you to get thrown into prison for a few years.

Yun Ziling will never accept you as her mother once you get released.

Hey! Maybe Dad will have already married his lover and Ill have a little brother.

Therell be no spot for you to return to in our family.”

“No! I cant do it! I cant ruin Zilings future!”

“The choice is yours.

Im your only chance here.

Do you think you can overturn the situation without me It took Dad 20 years to get to his position.

Even if you win and force him to make the lover abort the baby, he would do it without any hesitation.

If he loses his title as director, he will never get it


Isnt this a great chance for you If you dont want it, then dont blame me for not helping.”

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