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Chapter 1312: Ungrateful

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Liang Xiugin glared at Yun Xi without blinking and couldnt come up with an answer.

Yun Xi was the only one who could help her settle this incident, but there was nothing more she would do to help.

Liang Xiugin had had high hopes that Yun Xi would be able to solve her problem when she returned, but now that hope had been completely destroyed by her daughters cold reaction.

Liang Xiugin also understood why Yun Ziling would side with Yun Yuanfeng, Siding with her father would benefit Yun Ziling in terms of quality of life and her illness.

However, she had been wasting a lot of effort and time to raise Yun Ziling, hoping that this particular daughter could marry a successful man so that she herself could live a better life.

Never did she think that her daughter would abandon her.

Even if Liang Xiugin had had three daughters, the one she loved the most had abandoned her, while the other two, whom she had never showed any love to, hated her.

None of her children were going to help her.

She didnt have a job or any savings.

If she were to get thrown into prison now, Yun Yuanfeng would definitely divorce he, and she would be left without anything.

It was already late fall in Jingdu, and the wind was chilly.

Liang Xiugin shivered as her mind struggled to think of a solution.

She had thought that Yun Xi would be able to help her, but it had turned out to be another dead end.

Yun Yuanfeng was determined in his decision.

If Liang Xiugin did not sign the divorce papers, he would never help her settle the dispute and she would definitely end up in prison.

There was no way an entitled woman like her would be able to stand getting locked up.

She didnt even dare to imagine what her life would be like once she was released.

After living an extravagant life for most of her life, she would suffer a lot if she were locked up at such an old age.

It would be a huge embarrassment for her if that really happened.

Compared to this possible outcome, Chen Lixue had been able to become the daughter-in-law of a rich family.

“No! I…I cant! Not a divorce! Ill never sign that paper! I dont care what you do or how you do it, you have to solve this problem for me.

Even if you have to go and beg the Eldest Heir for help.

Didnt you befriend the Chen family and Jiang family as well Someone should be able to help.

Please hurry up and

ask them.”

Liang Xiuqin wasnt going to give up until she really had no other choices.

When she thought about the Chen family and the Jiang family, she got so excited that she tried to pull Yun Xi up from the bench.

However, the daughter reacted quickly so the mother didnt manage to do so and tripped and fell instead.

Liang Xiuqin hit her head on the hard bench, causing her to gasp in pain.

“Mom, do you still not get it even now If you want to beg someone to help you, then you should act in a certain way.

What makes you think that Ill help you when all you do is order me around Why should I help you”

“y…you ungrateful brat! I was pregnant with you for ten months and this is how you treat me”

“And how many problems have I helped you and Yun Ziling solve after I got back to Jingdu Ive already paid all my debts to you.

When I was living in the village, it was Grandpa who raised me.

Since when did you ever treat me as your own daughter All you have ever done was keep ordering me around

and using me just because I was close with the Chen family and the Jiang family! Heck! I would rather you and Dad got a divorce.

At least I wouldnt have to clean up your messes for you all the time!”

If Yun Xi had wanted to, she could have gone on and on with the list of things she had done for her mother.

Liang Xiugin glared at her daughter and gritted her teeth.

Ever since Yun Xi had gotten back from the countryside, her life had been getting worse day by day until now she had ended up in such a situation.

That was why she called Yun Xi a bad omen.

Thinking that she was going to eventually lose everything, Liang Xiugin was furious.

She became even angrier when she thought of Yun Yuanfeng having a happy future with his lover while she was locked behind bars..

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