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Chapter 1310: Rare Chance

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Now, both of these sisters were abandoning her and not showing Liang Xiugin any respect right to her face.

This enraged the mother even more.

Liang Xiugin didnt care at all if Yun Xi didnt want to be with her.

She had always seen her as a bad omen.

She didnt expect that Yun Xi would want to stay with her, and even if she had, Liang Xiugin would never have allowed it.

However, what really hurt Liang Xiugin the most was that her favorite daughter, Yun Ziling, didnt want to come with her after the divorce either.

However, since now Yun Xi was back, Liang Xiugin had high hopes that the matter could be resolved, and there would be no need for any divorce.

Yun Yuanfeng didnt even have to ask to understand what Liang Xiugin was plotting.

There was no way he was going to let her get what she wanted as he needed her to sign the divorce papers so that he could marry his lover and the mother of his child.

“Yun Xi, your mother has crossed the line this time,” Yun Yuanfeng said.

“Ive been trying to stall the police and suggested the divorce so that I could protect my daughters.

I dont want this to affect your future.

After the divorce, people will slowly forget what your mother has done.

Im doing this for you.

Do you get it”

Since Yun Xi was acquainted with the head of the Jiang family, if she were to ask him to help handle this case of Liang Xiugin, then Yun Yuanfeng wouldve lost the only chip he had to forcefully divorce his wife.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime chance and he didnt want it to go to waste.

He was trying to remind his daughter to not do something stupid like clear Liang Xiugins name.

“For her How shameless can you be Youre doing this so that you can be with that woman.

You want to divorce me so that you can marry her,” Liang Xiuqin roared, spilling out all the ugly truth in front of her daughters.

“Then the baby shes carrying will officially be your son.

How dare you say you are

doing this for your children You are just afraid that she might help me and then you wont have any leverage to force me to sign the divorce papers anymore.

You want me to just sit still and watch you marry that vile woman In your dreams!”

Yun Xi tumed to look at her father and pretended to be shocked by the news.

“Dad, what Mom is saying, is it true D…do you have a child with another woman”

Yun Xi was still following her plan.

Naturally, she wouldnt let Yun Yuanfeng think that she was someone who could easily be used by Liang Xiugin, but she also wasnt going to let him think that she would believe what he said without asking any questions either.

She didnt want her father to think that

she was someone that he could easily manipulate.

“Yun Xi, I…” Yun Yuanfeng stuttered.

He knew he had to come up with an excuse or else Yun Xi would decide to help Liang Xiugin instead.

“Dont listen to your fathers bullcr*p! That woman is now in this hospital with his baby inside her.

Hes the one who cheated on me.

You want me to sign the papers Dream on!” Liang Xiugin yelled.

“I wonder what the police will have to say when they hear what youve done Perhaps youll be the one

theyll apprehend instead of me.”

The biggest reason why Yun Yuanfeng was in such a hurry to divorce Liang Xiugin was that his lover was about to go into labor.

He didnt want his son to be labeled a b*stard child.

He also didnt want people to think that he had cheated because of the child.

As a director, what Liang Xiugin had done stealing the dress was already embarrassing enough.

It would be best for him if things could be settled quietly.

However, if he were to get arrested because he had cheated on her, it would cause a huge dent in his reputation.

“Twould rather get thrown into prison than let you get what you want,” Liang Xiugin added.

Now that Yun Xi was back, the mother had found new hope and strength.

Liang Xiugin thought that Yun Xi had been genuinely shocked by the news of her father having another lover.

Not wanting Yun Yuanfeng to further convince their daughter, she quickly said, “Yun Xi, come with me.

I have something to tell you.”

Yun Yuanfeng glanced at Yun Xi.

He shook his head, signaling her to not follow her mother.

However, Yun Xi nodded and even smiled at him.

“Dad, dont worry.

I know what I have to do.”

It was a rare occurrence for both her father and her mother to try to gain her favor.

There was no way Yun Xi would not make good use of such a rare chance to separate them..

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