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Chapter 1305: Liang Xiuqins Ideas

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Upon seeing her mother hesitate, Yun Ziling immediately lost her cool.

“Dont tell me you dont know where Uncle lives”

It seemed as if the chance meeting they had had when he first moved to Jingdu had been the only time her mother had seen her brother-in-law since Liang Xinyis father had moved to Jingdu.

So now her mother was at a loss when the duo needed his help the most.

This was nonsense to Yun Ziling.


really dont know where he lives or works…”


“Cant you find out where he works After all, he is your brother-in-law…”

It had been ten years since they had met, and, after what had transpired between Chen Lixue and Yun Yuanfeng, she had been so out of her mind she had been unable to think about anyone, not even her brother-in-law, much less to know anything about his life.

“Youre kind of a failure as a person, Mom.”

Yun Ziling shot Liang Xiugin a look of disappointment.

It had suddenly occurred to her that her mother seemed rather foolish and almost too much of an airhead for her own good.

The insult from her beloved daughter left Liang Xiugin stunned and angry, but, for the sake of her daughters health, she gripped her fists tightly and swallowed all the anger that was in her.

After a moment of hesitation, Liang Xiugin tumed to look at Yun Ziling, her voice shaking with nervousness as she asked, “Ziling, if we were to split, who would you go to Will you come with me Your dad has promised to give me a sum…”

“Mom!” The tone in Liang Xiugins voice pissed Yun Ziling off.

She knew it was a test from her mother and she was not planning to fall for it.

“Even if you have money, what will you do You need him, he needs you.

Thats why you cant split up.

Figuring out how to avoid going to jail is what you should be


Im your daughter.

Why would I ever be willing for my parents to split up”

This was what Yun Ziling said.

But her head was turning somersaults, trying to figure out ways to guarantee her well-being and to keep herself from being adversely affected by the divorce.

If her parents had to divorce, living with her mother would be the worse option even with whatever compensation her father would pay.

Her father remained the source of wealth.

Without her father and without any capabilities to make a living on her own, the mother-and-daughter pair would end up

eating their wealth away.

Additionally, her dad had an admirable title as a director, and as long as she remained his daughter, she still could share in the titles glory.

If she left with her mother, there would be nothing left for her.

She had more to lose if she sided with her mother, and she might even have to engage in manual


She would never let that happen.

Liang Xiuqin felt slightly reassured after what Yun Ziling had said.

She stopped hesitating and started to comfort the last pillar of support she had in her life.

“Dont worry, Ill make sure we dont divorce no matter what.”

“But the police Dad will try to put you in jail regardless.”

“L dont want to so Ill think of a way.

I cant go to jail no matter what.

If I can resolve this privately then I will try, even if it costs me a little.”

“But you dont even have any money.

How are you going to pay them”

“Idont, but your second auntie and your grandpa do.

I can always say we need the money for your treatment.

If not, I still have your third uncle.

I can always borrow some money from him.”

This was an idea that only her mother was capable of coming up with.

Yun Ziling doubted that her grandfather or her aunt would be foolish enough to believe in her excuses.

Even if Liang Xiugin was able to get the money from her third uncle, it would not be easy to resolve the conflict with the Yan family.

The situation was chaotic and fraught with unknown dangers.

Yun Ziling was unwilling to bet on a specific outcome, but she also wasnt willing to destroy her mothers motivation for the time being.

“Then you should hurry and get the money, Mom.

I can take care of myself.

Go figure that out first.”

However, Yun Ziling knew that either outcome that befell her mother, either being behind bars or being divorced, would bring more mockery and humiliation on her from her classmates and peers.

She still had to make some mental preparations in order to be able to deal with either scenario.

“All right, you just stay here.

Ill ask Auntie to bring some food to you if I cant make it back in time.”

Liang Xiugin stood up and got ready to take her leave.

Her mind was churning as fast as it possibly could as she left to find a way to get the money she needed.

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