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Chapter 1304: Frustration

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‘As Yun Xi had expected, once Liang Xiuqin learned that Yun Xi was not in town, she returned to the hospital in dismay.

She entered the hospital as if her spirit had completely left her body.

She could hardly pay attention to anything as she returned to Yun Zilings room.

Yun Ziling was starving, and the sight of Liang Xiuqin returning empty-handed did not help her hunger.

“What about my breakfast, Mom I thought you left to get my breakfast.”

Liang Xiuqin suddenly remembered Yun Yuanfengs adulterous behavior, and her mood turned ugly.

“You still have an appetite Your dad and I are splitting up.” Her usual patience toward Yun Ziling had decreased, and she barked at her, her mind full of anger.

She was at her wits end, and she had placed her last hope on Yun Xi, but now she had found out that Yun Xi was away from Jingdu.

The timing of her absence felt almost as if it had been planned.

“What A divorce Is it because of what happened last night Has he been notified”

Liang Xiuqin was almost tearing up as she nodded, “The police called him.

They wanted him to bring us to turn ourselves in.”

“Me Turning myself in Are you kidding You were the one who stole something.

Not me! And Im a minor.

There are laws to protect me.

If my classmates or the school finds out Ive been detained, Ill never be able to take the college entrance exam.”

Liang Xiuqin was aware of the severity of the issue, and she had not planned for Yun Ziling to come with her in the first place.

“I didnt ask you to come with me.

Its about your dad…”

‘The more Liang Xiuqin thought about how proud the mistress looked as she paraded around with her pregnant belly.

the more Liang Xiuqin was filled with anger and frustration.

“Whats wrong with Dad He would never let this happen.

Doesnt he care about his reputation If you land in jail then his image will be in shambles.”

Yun Ziling was sure that her father valued his image more than anything, and, because of this, her father would always clean up for her mother to maintain his image.

The two might fight, but they had stayed a couple for the sake of Yun Yuanfengs reputation.

However, the situation seemed different this time.

Her father might be serious about the divorce.

“Hes serious this time.

Hes been seeing a mistress all along, and now the mistress is pregnant with a son.

He will use this to divorce me no matter what, and if I refuse he will simply send me to jail.”

Yun Ziling gasped.

“What A mistress” The dust from the drama with Chen Lixue had only just settled, and already her father had found another mistress and now the mistress was pregnant with a son as well…

Her father had always wanted a son, yet he had never gotten one.

Yun Yuanfeng could be sitting in the most admirable position and his daughters could be the top scholars of the country, but he would always view having a son as the most important thing.

If the mistress is having a son and she requests for her father to divorce her mother, Yun Ziling knew that there was no good future that would await her once the stepmother joined their family.

“No! You cant divorce him.

You cant, no matter what.

You cant let him and that vixen win so easily.”

“If I dont divorce him, Ill have to go to jail.

Your dad does not care.

Hed rather that happen to me, because once we stay apart for long enough, he can simply apply for a divorce.

I dont want to go to jail either, but this is the only way out.

Yun Xi isnt in Jingdu at this time, so I have no other options.”

“Didnt Uncle get promoted Maybe you can ask Uncle to help you out and settle this privately.

We have the money, we can ensure bail at least.

Ask Uncle for help, Mom.”

“My brother-in-law…”

Yun Zilings words had reminded Liang Xiugin that she had a brother-in-law who had recently been promoted to a position of authority as well.

However, Liang Xiugin had not paid a single visit to him since he had moved to Jingdu, and she was unsure of what position he had been posted to as well.

Finding him would be akin to finding a needle in a haystack…

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