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Chapter 1301: Choices

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Standing above Liang Xiugin, Yun Yuanfeng sneered and looked at her coldly.

It was as if he was looking at a stranger.

He had slept beside her for 20 years, and yet he could not feel any pity for this brainless woman.

He had not wanted to continue in this marriage for a long time.

If not for the fact that he had been trying for the director job, he would have divorced her a long time ago.

This woman, who really only knew how to cause trouble, did not have any family background or status.

Not only had she not helped him at all, she had even caused him trouble time after time.

And now, unbelievably, she had even brought that idiot Yun Ziling along with her to steal from a high-end store.

It was fine if they wanted to court death and dishonor, but they were dragging him down with them.

Now that the Public Security Bureau had come knocking on their door, there were no walls in Jingdu that would be able to hide this news and stop it from spreading like wildfire.

Would he, the police director,

have any dignity left with which to face others

“Liang Xiugin, its not up to you whether youre going to jail or not at this point.

You are going to have to pay for the trouble that youve caused yourself.”

“No! I will never divorce you.”

“Then you can go to jail.” Yun Yuanfeng sneered, showing his teeth.

His words were so cold and there was no emotion in them.

“No matter how many years the court sentences you to jail, we will have been separated for many years after you are released.

After two years of separation, a marriage can be annulled, and I can apply for a divorce then.

You will have to get a divorce no matter what.

At most, I will just have to wait for two

more years.

If you divorce me now, I might be able to give you some money and find a way to reduce your sentence.

With this money, you can still live your life with Yun Ziling.

If youre unwilling to compromise, then dont blame me for not showing you any mercy.

When you get out of jail, you wont get a

single cent, but youll still get a divorce.

“If you divorce me, do you think I will let you get away with this vixen Dont even think about it.”

Ifhis mistress was not going to have a child, perhaps Liang Xiugin would be able to overcome this hurdle.

However, this illegitimate son was still a son, and Liang Xiugin would not be able to overcome this hurdle.

No matter how she weighed the pros and cons, she was not willing to let this adulterous pair off so easily.

If they divorced at this time, not only would Yun Yuanfeng get a new wife and a son, he would have everything he wanted, but what about her

She had worked so hard for so many years to get nothing, and all she would get from him was a bit of money and a jail sentence that she did not have any idea how long it would be.

This was unfair! He was the one who had cheated and committed the wrongdoing.

Why did she have to suffer like this She was indignant.

Even if she was dragged down, she could not let them off so easily.

“If thats the case, then go to jail.

However, in the future, Yum Ziling will be implicated in this scandal because she has a mother like you who steals from others.

For someone who has congenital heart disease like her, she can forget about marrying into a good family, let alone having a good life.

You have to

think this through carefully.”

Yun Ziling was Liang Xiugins weakness.

He did not believe that Liang Xiugin would not compromise if Yun Zilings future was threatened.

As expected, when Yun Yuanfeng said that, Liang Xiuqin fell silent.

She had no choice but to consider what Yun Yuanfeng had offered for Yun Zilings sake.

But if she really accepted that, she would still end up with nothing.

She would still have to go to jail, and she would have her name ruined.

If that was the case, they might as well not get a divorce.

At the very least, Yun Ziling.

would still have her parents.

Even if it was only in name, it was better than their getting a divorce now.

Yun Ziling was about to take the college entrance examination soon, and she had not even settled the matter of offending the principal.

If she suffered another blow, she might not be able to take it.

No matter which option they chose, they had no chance of winning.

‘What should she do What could she do to avoid a crushing defeat

Just as Liang Xiugin was hesitating about what course to take, the door to the examination room opened..

Yun Yuanfeng rushed forward and asked anxiously, “Doctor, hows my son Is he okay”

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