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Chapter 125: Shes Driving Me Crazy

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Because of the farce at the auction, Liang Xiuqins notoriety suddenly spread throughout Jingdu society.

The wealthy socialites who had applied for membership cards in her spa started asking for refunds, one after another.

Liang Xiuqin spent her whole days in distress.

All the time and money shed spent on developing her connections by networking with the elite had all gone to ruin overnight, not to mention the fact that shed lost a lot of money.

As she stared at the empty spa, the jeers from all the rich ladies echoed in her mind.

She only had one thought on her mind.

She wanted to suffocate the wretched girl Yun Xi to death!

If it hadnt been for that wretched girl, she wouldnt be in such a situation.

She was fuming with anger and frustration.

Her distress was tormenting her over and over again.

At the same time, she also couldnt understand how the wretched girl had returned the jade seal, or how shed changed it into a watch to frame her.

She felt both relieved and resentful.

How ruthless of that wretched girl not only to cause her to suffer public humiliation, but also to lose so much business.

Before Yun Xi had returned, everything had been going well for her and the Yun family.

Ever since Yun Xi had come back, everything had started going wrong, and shed experienced all sorts of misfortune.

If Yun Xi continued to stay in Jingdu, she might be the next one who got jinxed.

No way! She must drive Yun Xi back to the countryside no matter what!

As soon as Yun Ziling got home from school, she saw her mother throwing a tantrum in the living room.

“Mom, whats the matter with you Who made you so angry”

“Who else could it be Its that scourge, of course!”

Liang Xiuqin glanced upstairs and yelled, as if making sure that Yun Xi could hear her.

In fact, Yun Xi, who lived on the third floor, really couldnt hear her.

The two small balls that Mu Feichi had left for her were really effective at sound insulation.

No matter how noisy it was downstairs, she couldnt hear anything in her room.

She could do her homework with peace of mind without being disturbed by all the commotion.

After listening to what her mom had said, Yun Ziling suddenly started to feel anxious.

Her mother had worked hard to help her establish social connections, and she was so close to marrying into a nice family.

But Yun Xi had now messed things up at such a crucial time.

“Mom, Yun Xi has schemed against me so viciously, and now I cant show my face in upper-class society.

How will I make friends and find someone to marry in the future Are you really going to let me end up with one of those nasty impoverished boys In that case, I might as well die.”

Yun Ziling had been pampered like a princess since she was young and couldnt bear any form of suffering.

Liang Xiuqin had instilled the dream of marrying money and becoming a wealthy wife in her.

She was already at a disadvantage in terms of family background compared to the socialites, so if she had to marry a man below her class, she really would be driven crazy.

Liang Xiuqin was already feeling distressed and distracted as she thought about how to send that wretched girl Yun Xi away, so she didnt hear anything Yun Ziling had said.

Yun Zilings eyes suddenly reddened, and she started crying.

“Mom! My sister has jinxed me with this illness and caused me to suffer so much ever since I was a child, and now shes framed me and made me suffer this humiliation! Why did you want her to come back If she hadnt come back, none of this would have happened.”

Upon hearing her crying, Liang Xiuqin snapped back to reality and stared at her baby girl with a pitiful expression on her face.

“Dont cry, dont cry! Mom wont let her bully you like this.”

Liang Xiuqin patted Yun Ziling on the shoulder as she wiped away her tears and comforted her.

She calmed her down by cajoling her with tender words.

“Mom, after Yun Xi came back, everything started going wrong with our family, and its all her fault! If she hadnt come back, we wouldnt have had so many troubles at home.”

“Of course, I know this, but what can I do Your grandfather wanted her to come home.”

“What should I do She still lives in this home, and even if I dont die of my illness Ill die of the misfortune she brings.

Look at the auction.

She didnt frame Liang Xinyi, but me, her sister, instead.

Shes driving me crazy.”

“Blah, blah, blah! Dont talk nonsense! I wont let her jinx you.

I will find a way.

This matter is urgent.

If you want her to go back to the countryside, you have to get your grandfather to agree.”

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