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Chapter 1243: Long-Term Plan

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“Han Hongbin is not someone you should ever underestimate.

You need to be mentally prepared because he will be ready for any of your future plans once he returns.

This is bad news, and you need to hurry.”

“Got it!”

Yun Xi nodded, her eyes focusing on dinner, while her mind raced through millions of thoughts as she pondered the details of her plans thus far and plotted a direction for her next move.

The speedy return of Han Hongbin had been unexpected, and Yun Xi was aware that what she intended to do had become more challenging than ever.

The next morning, Yun Xi followed Mu Feichi as they left Mu Mansion and headed to where they had detained the head of the kidnapping ring.

After he had given Qi Yuan his instructions for the day, the three of them made their way toward the cell in which they had kept the creator of the bomb.

Yi Qianmo joined them for the interrogation.

He seemed interested in the creator of the bomb as well.

Standing in front of the bars of the cell, Yun Xi observed the figure clad in black who was resting on the side of the bed.

The fatigue and stress exhibited by the man hinted at the night of interrogation he had undergone.

His hair was mid-length and parted down the middle, its greasy strands clinging to the sides of his face.

The man was wearing a pair of broken glasses, and he seemed to be a normal man, except that he was a cold-blooded murderer.

Never judge a book by its cover, Yun Xi thought to herself.

But she doubted that this man was the mastermind behind the operation.

She had never met the man before, nor had the man met her.

There was no reason for him to make a move against her specifically.

Mu Feichis special interrogation unit had failed to retrieve much information from him.

The only fact that they were certain about was that Han Wanling had had nothing to do with the attack.

Yun Xi scanned the padded walls of the detention cell.

She looked toward Qi Yuan and commented, “His glasses should be removed.

They can be used as a dangerous object.

He could use them to take his own life.”

Her words were a reminder to Qi Yuan, and he immediately ordered the men to enter and remove the glasses from the prisoner.

Yun Xis voice had startled the man who was pretending to be asleep.

He sat upright and stared at Yun Xi, his eyes shining with a chilling glare.

If he could have shot poison from his eyes, he would have done so.

The loathing and resentment he had for Yun Xi felt strangely familiar.

“What a character.” Yun Xi was confused yet oddly amused by his look of hatred.

“I dont know you, yet you want me dead.

I have thought much about this, and there are many possibilities.

However, of all of those who are my enemies, you are neither a man of Han Wanlings nor have you been sent by the Qiao family.”

“Oh Then who do you think sent me here” The mans voice was intimidatingly gentle, yet reeking with a certain hint of pride.

Even his gaze shone with the assurance in the mans heart.

The man was confident that Yun Xi would not be able to identify him.

As the man finally looked up, the mid-length hair that covered the sides of his face was pushed back, and Yun Xi could catch a clear look at the mans features.

The more she studied the face of the man, the more the face became familiar to her.

Yun Xi realized why she had felt a sense of deja vu.

She had encountered this man before.

Not in this life, but in her last.

It had been on her drive home from a meeting at the Han Corporation.

She had chanced upon his face in the parking lot.

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The man had stood outside the car of Han Hongbin.

Their encounter must have lasted only a few seconds, but she had burned the face of this well-dressed, yet suspicious, man into her memory.

The man gave off a negative, unappealing aura.

Despite his prim and proper gentlemanly appearance, an odd sense of dread hung in the air around him.

If the man was an assassin who had been sent by Han Hongbin to kill Yun Xi, Han Hongbins plans must have been in the works since he had been arrested.

It brought up the possibility that he still had the connections to the outside world that he had used to make arrangements to take Yun Xis life.

He had left the detention center today and had ordered Yun Xis assassination on the very evening of his release.

According to Yi Qianmo, the type of bomb that he had used needed time and effort to be made, and it was not an easy job to do..

All the evidence thus far pointed to one possibility: this plan had been in the works for a long time now.

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