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Chapter 1239: Takes the Bait

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In the monitoring room, Mu Feichi had asked Grey Wolf to hack into the surveillance cameras surrounding the square where the fountain was located after receiving a report from the Special Forces soldiers.

Before hed even had a chance to take a look, hed heard screams about a bomb.

Looking at the surveillance screens, he saw Yi Qianmo running toward the fountain and pushing Yun Xi away to safety.

The loud explosion shocked everyone at the scene as well as those in the monitoring room.

People could have gotten seriously injured.

But, fortunately, no one was hurt.

“Grey Wolf, have you found the person who planted the bomb” Mu Feichi turned around with a dark look on his face.

The look in his eyes was so cold that it seemed as if icicles could shoot out of them.

“I have already informed the Special Forces units, so there should be an outcome soon.”

Mu Feichi nodded.

“Bring the man to me.

I will interrogate him personally.”

He turned around and looked at Qi Yuan.

He said coldly, “Prepare the helicopter.

I have to go pick someone up.”

“Yes, sir!” Qi Yuan responded and quickly walked out of the tension in the monitoring room.

Yi Qianmo shrugged.

He pointed at a man standing under a lamp post across the road and another under a tree nearby.

“The Young Commander secretly sent those two men to protect you.

Even if he isnt around, do you think he would let you take any risks alone He sent some Special Forces units after seeing how you were almost kidnapped.

Since you refused to leave, he had to send someone to protect you.”

Yun Xi took out her phone.

There were more than 20 missed calls from Mu Feichi.

Her phone was usually set to silent when she was on a mission.

So she hadnt heard Mu Feichis calls .

As if things werent bad enough, Mu Feichi had even seen what had happened just now with his own eyes.

So not only will she suffer later, Yi Qianmo would probably get it from him too.

“Why didnt you tell me earlier”

“I thought you would know what was on his mind.

You should know how overbearing he is.”

Yun Xi was speechless at his remarks.

“What should I do now I dont even dare to face him.”

Yi Qianmo smiled as he looked at how miserable Yun Xi was.

He cleared his throat.

“You should change back into your beggar clothes.

I believe once Mu Jinzhi sees you looking like that, he probably wont be able to bear to punish you anymore.”

“You mean I should play the pity card” A hint was all Yun Xi needed to understand.

Her bright eyes sparkled at the idea.

Yi Qianmo nodded and smiled.

“Clever girl!”

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“Mu Feichi is a clever man.

He wont fall for it.

Im afraid he would see right through me.”

Her disguise as a beggar looked horrible, and she was worried that it would worsen the matter.

“Little girl.

when you are with him, you need to remember that theres a saying about how a willing person will take the bait.

No matter how you look, he will take the bait as long as its from you.

So dont worry about it.”

Yun Xi chuckled as she helped him up.

“You seem really confident about that.

If I dont guess wrongly, he is definitely already on his way here in a helicopter at this minute.”

Yi Qianmo nodded in agreement.

“Thats why.

This is the only way left to deal with him right now.”

“All right! But what about the situation here I think someone should alert the police about this major incident.”

“I will send someone over to deal with it.

Stay here, and Ill go make a call.”

Yi Qianmo took out his mobile phone, but it was no longer working.

So he ended up using Yun Xis phone.

After the other party verified his identity, they immediately agreed to send someone to deal with the situation.

Since Mu Feichi was monitoring the location, and there were soldiers from the Special Forces around, the person who had planted the bomb should be caught very soon.

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