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Chapter 1238: Big Trouble

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Though dismantling an explosive device would be a huge challenge for Yun Xi, it wouldnt be difficult for an antiterrorism specialist like Yi Qianmo.

But neither Yun Xi or Yi Qianmo had expected it to be a trick bomb.

In a standard procedure, cutting the correct connected wire would cut off the electric current and stop the timer on the bomb.

However, cutting the wire on a trick bomb doesnt stop it, but would cause the timer to speed up instead.

“Oh, no! This is a trick bomb!” Yi Qianmo suddenly looked up and began scanning the area around him.

He stopped when he saw the fountain nearby.

“Yun Xi, get far away from here now.

Go and evacuate everyone around here.

There is not enough time to dismantle the bomb!”

“Then what about you”

“Go!” Yi Qianmo pushed Yun Xi away.

He then grabbed the black bag and rushed toward the fountain.

Whether it was Yi Qianmo or Yun Xi, they were both only thinking about the safety of the others around them, even at this moment of potential life and death.

It was the same for Mu Feichi.

The safety of the citizens of Jun Country had been his lifelong goal.

It was what he was fighting for.

His thoughts had gradually influenced hers, and the safety of others had become the most important thing to her too.

Yun Xi had treasured her life when she had first been reborn, but now she had become aware of the meaning of being a soldier.

Thinking like this, she felt like she was one step closer to Mu Feichi.

She knew that Yi Qianmo held the same thoughts.

So even when she stumbled after he pushed her away, she got back on her feet.

The only thing on her mind was to disperse the crowd around the fountain.

“A bomb! Run!”

Yun Xi had just finished her sentence.

Then, a loud blast sounded from the fountain before she could react.

The blast shattered all the glass windows on the malls first level.

The water from the fountain splashed everywhere due to its explosive force.

“Yi Qianmo!” With her ears buzzing, Yun Xi stood up.

She immediately ran over where she saw a man lying on the ground amid a curtain of water raining down.

“Are you all right Yi Qianmo!” Yun Xi reached out her hand to help the man up.

It was fortunate that Yi Qianmo had already gotten away from the fountain before the bomb exploded.

Otherwise, he wouldve been killed.

ARGH! “Its so painful!”

Thoroughly drenched, Yi Qianmo sat up with Yun Xis support.

He looked at the back of his hands where the bomb fragments had grazed them and then scanned his surroundings.

Seeing that no one was injured, he heaved a sigh of relief.

A strong jet of water had hit his back, and the pain was excruciating.

“Are you all right Were you injured Ill take you to the hospital.”

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“Im fine.

Its all right! I managed to get away quickly enough.” Yi Qianmo waved his hands to dismiss Yun Xis words.

He looked up at Yun Xi, who was equally disheveled, then turned to look at all the surveillance cameras, and sighed.

“We are in big trouble now.”

“What do you mean” Yun Xi was confused.

She looked at him, then at the surveillance cameras around them.

“Dont tell me you arranged this realistic combat exercise”

“How is that possible! I should be the one asking you.

Who did you offend again This person really wants you dead.”

“How would I know Someone sat down beside me and ran off after leaving the bag.

I realized it could be a bomb when I heard the ticking sound.

And it was really a bomb when I opened the bag.”

“Then theres nothing we can do.

We can only wait for the police to investigate.” Yi Qianmo pointed at all the surveillance cameras around them.

Yun Xi looked up to where he was pointing and immediately knew who he was talking about.

Her eyes suddenly widened.

“Are you saying that the Young Commander is watching this right now No way! Why didnt you tell me earlier”

Shes done for! After putting herself in such danger, Mu Feichi would definitely teach her a lesson.

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