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Chapter 1233: Get Back Here

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Yun Xi took out her phone and called Yi Qianmo.

This situation had turned extremely urgent.

She didnt care any longer about continuing the search for intelligence or anything else.

The only thing in her mind at this moment was to find out the true identity of this group of people who were on the hunt for her to attack and kill her.

“Girl, you are really bold!” After listening to her story, Yi Qianmo broke out in a cold sweat.

He didnt dare imagine what would have happened if she had shown the slightest sign of not being crazy enough when she was in the car just now.

She could have been caught by this group of criminal assassins and she could have been killed.

“I didnt know that they were a group of criminals before I got in the car, and worst of all that they were assassins who were targeting me.

I was sitting right among them, and thank goodness they didnt recognize me.

That definitely shows how good my acting skills are that I was able to get through that experience.

She chuckled as she looked at the concrete road with narrowed eyes, her dirty face without the slightest trace of happiness.

“Hurry up and come get me.

Todays training is over.

I need to get Grey Wolf to figure out the whereabouts of that group in the car.

Well discuss everything else when we meet.”

Hanging up the phone, she gave Grey Wolf a call.

She told him exactly where they had dropped her off and their license plate number as she instructed him to find that van ASAP.

Grey Wolf listened to her orders carefully and then he said, “Yun Xi, the Young Commander is here.”

“…” Yun Xi froze and coughed.

“Put me through to the Young Commander then.

Ill speak with him.”

The phone was handed to Mu Feichi.

He snorted first and then his devilish voice could be heard from the other end of the phone, “Babe, are you intending to elope with Yi Qianmo”

“No! Im in City A learning from him about intelligence-gathering and disguises.

But now there has been a change of plans.

Something has happened.”

“What happened”

“I just got out of a car where I had hitched a ride with a bunch of criminals.

Thankfully, my disguise was good enough that no one had any idea who I was.

All the people in the van were talking, and they had come here specifically to hunt me down.

How did the news of my going to City A leak out They are now all looking for me throughout City A.

It is evident that the news of my whereabouts must have come from someone at Tianyu Mountain.

Young Commander, it is possible that there is an undercover agent who has been planted among your men.”

“I understand what youre saying.

I will deal with it immediately.

You hurry back.

Ill ask Li Zilan to pick you up.”

“No, I want to find that bunch of people.

Can you please tell the people in City A to support me and Yi Qianmo”

“Are you kidding Neither of you has guns.

What can you possibly accomplish Hurry up and get back here.

If you dont come back right now, I will fly over and abduct you right away.”

“All Im asking you to do is to get the people of City A to cooperate with us.

We have to catch these people before we go back to Jingdu.

I want to know who sent out this hit on me.

Young Commander,…”

In this matter, she had a distinct feeling that she had survived a crisis, and her attitude was exceptionally adamant.

No matter who in Jingdu was preying on her, she must be mentally prepared.

Only with a winning hand could she be invincible.

Before Yun Xi could finish speaking, Mu Feichi smashed the phone down in a fit of exasperation and the call was disconnected.

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Yun Xi looked at the phone, hearing the loud bang that had come from the other end of the phone.

She knew that she had enraged the tyrant.

There was no choice.

She was working with Grey Wolf now, and she must find those guys in that car as fast as possible, otherwise there was no telling if there will be more trouble cropping up.

Within the monitoring room, Mu Feichi turned his head to look at Grey Wolfs computer screen.

He had quickly hacked into the traffic monitoring system of City A.

Soon, while entering in the license plate number that had been provided by Yun Xi, he locked onto the target van with the surveillance camera.

“Young Commander, Ive pinpointed the vehicle.

Its time to tell Miss Yun…”

They all know very well that the Young Commander would not let that girl be involved in any kind of danger, so it was up to Mu Feichi what decisions they would make.

They wouldnt tell her anything without his final order.

Mu Feichi stared coldly at the vehicle on the monitors screen, as he stood up straight with a face that resembled a thundercloud.

“Notify the Special Combat Unit in City A..

Tell them to force the car into a less crowded place, and pick up all of them.

I want them alive!”

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