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Chapter 1228: Why Not Ask For My Help Now

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Jiang Qilin had packed pastries for Yun Xi for their return trip.

Mu Feichi looked at the huge bag that Yun Xi was cradling in her arms and laughed gently.

“He really does know how to get on your good side.

But it will do you good that you healed Qilins legs.”

HMMM Yun Xi looked up at him and shoved her half-eaten red bean steamed cake into Mu Feichis mouth.

“What do you mean I only treated his legs out of sympathy.

I didnt expect anything from him.”

“The heirs of the big four wealthiest families and the heads of the big three noble families are the judges for this years socialite ball.

Once Jiang Qilin reclaims his place as the heir, this will be beneficial for your plans and he can give you his vote too.

You dont have to do much this year to get the number one socialite title.”

Yun Xis expression darkened, and she gave the mans leg a small kick.

“Are you telling me to cheat, Young Commander What if they find out Wouldnt I embarrass myself Its better to rely on my own potential.

Then, if I lose, I will lose fair and square.”

Yun Xi had no idea what competitors she would face at the socialite ball, but she had made the right plans regardless.

She was prepared for anyone, even her enemies from her past life.

“My reputation does not matter to me, I have enough of a reputation anyway, so let me have fun with that.

But we need to finish off the Han family before the ball and let the Qiao family take their place.

“Knowing what relationship I have with Qiao Ximin, Im sure they will be plotting against me when they do rise up…”

Her voice trailed off and Yun Xi inched toward Mu Feichi with a smile.

Her expression was like a puppy asking for a toy, her eyes shining and reflecting the fondness in Mu Feichis eyes.

“You are the main examiner, Young Commander.

Youll help me out, right”

Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows.

They both knew that Yun Xi couldnt care less about the title of number one socialite.

However, her light teasing had left him rather bothered.

He reached out and gave the lever in the backseat a flip, and a screen fell and covered the scene in the backseat from the drivers seat.

The screen gave him the privacy he needed.

This was his lady, and he was the only one who could witness her in all her forms.

Mu Feichi reached out and wrapped his hand around her waist.

His hands stretched down and scooped her into his lap, and he held her tightly.

“…” Yun Xi was stunned.

She could barely react to the quick chain of events as she landed in the strong arms of Mu Feichi.

A familiar feeling lingered in the air around them.

Yun Xi had experienced this tension before.

She was caught between his toned thighs and his manly presence, and she could not help but shiver slightly.

“They say you should never hug a buddhas leg and ask for help at the same time.

So why dont you get a head start and hug my leg now Why not ask for my help now”

Mu Feichi tilted his head slightly and positioned himself atop Yun Xis neck, his breath hot against her skin and his voice so raspy that it gave Yun Xi goosebumps all over.

“Would you prefer the third leg more”

These suggestive words sent a shiver down Yun Xi.

She immediately gave Mu Feichi a bite on his neck in retaliation.

“Mu Feichi, you pervert…”

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Yun Xis cheeks were burning like charcoal in a fire, but her words were quickly swallowed by her embarrassment.

Her body was heating up from the awkwardness.

Still tangled up in each others embrace, Mu Feichi laughed softly as he leaned down toward her neck.

His lips pressed into her skin in a rush of kisses.

Each kiss carried the love he had for her.

For someone as precious as Yun Xi, Mu Feichi was willing to do anything.

Yun Xis coming of age ceremony was around the corner.

His beloved was soon to become an adult.

Mu Feichi felt as if he was watching a flower bud bloom into a blossom.

He knew the wait was worthwhile.

The timing was right, and so was the person..

As long as it was Yun Xi, everything was worthwhile.

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