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Chapter 1226: Unfinished Vengeance

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Yun Xi rejected Chen Yichens proposal to speak on her behalf to the head of the Jiang family.

Jiang Qilin was a clever man, and she was aware that there was little she needed to say for him to understand her intentions.

It was important for a head of a household to have foresight and vision.

Jiang Qilin certainly didnt lack these.

Only after they had sent Chen Yichen off did the silent Mu Feichi speak up.

“Babe, you know this isnt the right way to persuade people.

You revealed all your cards.

How do you know you can trust him completely”

“If Master Chen was not worth my trust, I wouldnt have shared so much.

He has the character of a proper young master, and he is aware of the responsibilities of his position.

One way or another, it doesnt matter whether he can keep a secret.

What matters is that he would never sell his friends out.”

Yun Xi was sure Chen Yichen was someone she could trust.

Mu Feichi tapped on her forehead resignedly.

“It is common sense to be on your guard, no matter who you are talking to.

You know this.”

“I know.” Yun Xi nodded.

She understood the need to stay on her guard.

She had unfinished vengeance from her last life to accomplish, and she knew she couldnt afford to be too quick to trust.

“Chen Yichen cant afford to intervene in what happens next.

The Chen Corporation has halted their project with the Han Corporation because of the scandal.

If he knew exactly what you were doing, he would give the Han family another jab.

So you neednt worry about him.

I will let Baifan settle with the Jiang and Su families.”

“Baifan will settle it with the Su family.

The Su family is a part of the project with the Mayor.

My final goal is to make Su Donglin the biggest winner.

Jiang Qilin has known my intentions from the beginning, but I doubt he will reveal the truth of his condition until he is sure of the situation.

I should ask him for a meeting when I have the time.”

“Of course hes sure.” Mu Feichi laughed lightly.

“Jiang Qilin has been preparing to take over the family ever since you told him he had a chance to stand again.

Dont forget he was always the most capable of becoming the head of the Jiang family.

No way he would let this opportunity slip from his hands.”

Mu Feichi pinched Yun Xis cheeks and took out his phone.

He dialed Jiang Qilin and arranged for a meeting somewhere private.

“I havent thought of what to say to him yet.

Why did you make an appointment already”

“Ill speak for you.” Mu Feichi sighed.

“Although I said I would stay out of this, I cant let you tackle everything, right”

There were some techniques to negotiations that Yun Xi needed to learn and Mu Feichi believed it was the right time to pass these on to her.

Chen Yichen called his secretary, Xu Han, as he drove down from Tianyu Mountain.

He instructed Xu Han to deliver the documents he had prepared for the Han Corporation to the Han family.

He had been wondering what was the right opportunity, but today he had learned that the best time was right now.

The Han Corporation had been doing damage control and trying to improve their public image.

However, scandals surrounding them had been popping up left and right.

If the Chen Corporation were to give them another hit, it would be a long-lasting one for the Han Corporation.

“If we reveal this now, would our corporation be affected as well, Director”

“We have already been trapped in this whirlpool.

If I could not help, at the very least I can add to Yun Xis efforts to ruin the Han family.

Im on my way back.

In the meantime, gather the departments and prepare the necessary precautions.”

“Got it.

It will be done.”

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The battle was about to begin, and Xu Han could feel the invisible forces of the oncoming challenges pressing on him.

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