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Chapter 1225: Chen Yichens Surprise

Yun Xi had transformed the attack on her into an opportunity to retaliate against her enemy.

She seemed to be using the highest level of tactics.

It was hard for Chen Yichen to conceal his expression of shock upon hearing what Yun Xi had to say.

It was easy to read his face and see his approval and respect for Yun Xi.

Yun Xi had truly grown up.

He had witnessed how she had taken down Han Wanling and her vile cousin and schoolmate.

At that time, he had assumed that her tactics, although clever, were limited to self-defense.

It had not occurred to him that Yun Xis tactical planning of important matters was no less complex than Mu Feichis was, who now seemed to be supporting her.

In fact, Chen Yichen could almost see Mu Feichis character blossoming in Yun Xi.

Mu Feichi had trained Yun Xi, so it was not surprising that every move Yun Xi made and everything Yun Xi did carried traces of Mu Feichi and his way of handling matters as the head of the Mu Corporation and the military commander of Jingdu.

He studied the girl before him.

He could see that she was brimming with confidence.

At that moment, Chen Yichen felt as though he had lost her to Mu Feichi.

It was not an ordinary loss.

He had suffered an utter defeat.

“To turn the tables on them after their attack not only acts as a deterrence but as a counterattack as well.

You really have grown up, Yun Xi.

Theres a maturity in your plans that is on a par with what grown men are capable of.”

No matter who had the opportunity to stand by Yun Xis side, her glow would never be overshadowed or diminished.

“Young Master Chen, I suppose you understand why I had set out to do what I did.


Chen Yichen nodded.

Yun Xi had already done the unimaginable: she had shattered the balance of power among the four wealthiest families in Jingdu.

“The balance is tipping and the Han family is in a vulnerable state currently.”

“Even in a vulnerable state, the Han family is still useful.

A lean camel remains bigger than a horse.

I want to use the Han family to push the Prime Minister into action.

The conflict between the Han and the Qiao families seems unresolvable, but I believe the Prime Minister still has use for the Han family.

He could try to arrange for a ceasefire, however if I squeeze the Qiao family into the big four wealthiest families, the Han family is not going to back down, and the Prime Minister will discover that the Han family will become a difficult tool to use.”

Her intentions were clear to Chen Yichen.

The Qiao family and the Han family had both become chess pieces for her to play with.

Her board was full of schemes, and every move was carefully played and her plans were impenetrable.

Chen Yichen was afraid that he was not capable of this level of manipulation and confidence.

If he had not seen her personally today on Tianyu Mountain, he would have never realized how wide the distance between them had grown in terms of skills.

“You might think Im being too ambitious, but the more chaotic the scene in Jingdu is, the more likely it is that only the strong will survive.

Its the theory of natural selection: no hero will come from a peaceful world.

If I tip the balance, this creates opportunity for others as well.

Besides, I hope the other three families could use this chance to grow and become stronger so that they are able to take on more challenges.”

She had even planned a route for him to take.

This fact left a bittersweet emotion in Chen Yichens heart.

“Im the head of my family, and I know I have what it takes to maintain the reputation of my family, but as for the other two families…”

“I will try to convince them.

Im aware it wont be easy.

However, if we are united by potential benefits, it is not impossible.”

“Thats great to hear.

But I heard you cancelled your engagement with the fellow from the Jiang family.

This could be a slap on my cousins face.

He might not be willing to work with you.”

“But I didnt say I wanted to work with him, and I dont think he is yet the head of the Jiang family.”

Chen Yichen nodded.

“Thats true.

It should be Elder Jiang, except for the condition of Jiang Qilins leg.

But everyone is certain Jiang Henglin will be the successor.

Still, theres a lot more for him to learn before he can rise to the level of the head of the family..”

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