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Chapter 1223: Chen Yichen Is Sad

Chen Yichen was surprised when he saw Yun Xi.

He felt very unhappy when he realized that she had just come down from Tianyu Mountain.

Even though he wanted to keep a brave face on, he could only manage a stiff smile.

“Yun Xi…” Looking at her, Chen Yichen had a deep feeling of loss.

When he had first met Yun Xi, she had been tough and stubborn.

She had taken each step carefully, and she had slowly become a bright and outstanding girl.

It seemed as if this girl who was standing in front of him now was no longer the young, innocent girl that he had known.

“Yichen…” Yun Xi walked toward him, with Mu Feichi following closely behind like a shadow.

“Are you here to see the Young Commander, or were you looking for me” Yun Xi smiled as she looked at Chen Yichen, her bright eyes reflecting the green of the mountains.

Chen Yichen glanced at Mu Feichi, then back at Yun Xi.

“I had come here to see the Young Commander.

I didnt expect you to be here too.”

“Are you here because of what happened to the Han family”

“Yes, but not entirely because of that,” Chen Yichen answered her after a brief pause.

“There are great changes taking place in the current circumstances of the big four wealthiest families.

So, I initially came to ask if this was the Young Commanders doing.

But then he told me that it was you who was behind everything, which really surprises me.”

Since Chen Yichen was being so direct about everything, Yun Xi didnt beat around the bush either.

“It wasnt entirely me .

Some of it has been done with the Young Commanders help.

Do you blame me for keeping this from you”

Chen Yichen just needs to have time to think about it.

He will understand why Yun Xi chose to keep it from him.

The main reason was because she trusted him and wanted to protect him.

She didnt wish to get the Chen family involved in her machinations.

However, she had forgotten something essential.

The Chen family happens to be in the middle of this chess game shes playing.

So even if she wanted to protect them from turmoil, they were inevitably going to get caught up in it once the balance of power among the big four wealthiest families became broken.

“I know you are concerned about my family and me.

But my family is one of the four wealthiest families, so we are already involved in the game.

Your work will get held back if you have to keep thinking about us.

Am I that incompetent and weak of a person to you”

He wasnt the most upset about her not letting him know what she was up to.

On the contrary, it was her feeling that she needed to protect him that made him feel extremely useless.

Chen Yichen doesnt have the same power and means as Mu Feichi.

But after having been in a powerful position for several years, he can hold his own against the other heirs in scheming and plotting.

“I…” Yun Xi wanted to explain herself, but everything that she wanted to say felt as if it sounded inadequate.

Now that he had come to speak about his doubts, it seemed as if her protection of him had been unnecessary.

In fact, her wish to protect him may even have humiliated him.

He was the heir to the Chen family after all.

“Old Madame and Mrs.

Chen have always been really nice to me, and they treated me like their own child.

You are my friend, so I didnt want you to get wound up in this…”

“I understand…” Yun Xi had called him a friend, and this term immediately increased the distance between them.

Chen Yichen felt helpless, and his heart ached upon hearing that.

“Since I am your friend, then you shouldnt have kept it from me and excluded me.”

Chen Yichen took a deep breath and suppressed his emotions.

The emotions that shouldnt have existed anyway that only he would understand, how much he loved and cared for her.

He buried them all deep in his thoughts.

“Looking at the current situation, I am afraid it is impossible to leave me out of it any longer.

The other three families have already sensed the changes happening in Jingdu.

What are you going to do next I can help you.”

Yun Xi shook her head.

“You dont need to do anything.

You just need to stay on my side and thats enough.

With your brains, you should have been able to see how the Han family had fallen and the Qiao family would rise.

This is how things are going, and it is also what I wanted to achieve..”

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