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Chapter 1222: Petty Man

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Once Mu Feichi heard what Chen Yichen had said, he immediately knew why he had come.

Mu Feichi smiled.

He leaned against his car as he looked lazily at Chen Yichen, who had specifically come looking for an answer.

Standing in front of Chen Yichen, Mu Feichi somehow felt as if he had beaten him.

Whether it was because Yun Xi had chosen to be with him or because he had gotten Yun Xis love and care, he knew that he had defeated Chen Yichen.

“Why do you think Im the one behind all these changes I have never done anything to break up the balance of power between the big four wealthiest families during all these years.

So why would I suddenly do it now Do you really think that I didnt know what the Han family has been up to all these years”

Chen Yichen suddenly didnt know how to react to what Mu Feichi had just said.

Chen Yichen couldnt get his mind around all the things that were happening, but now it seemed as if he had finally gotten an answer.

“Thats impossible…if it wasnt you, then who would have such power”

Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows, and there was an expression of pride and satisfaction that couldnt be concealed on his face.

“Who else could it be”

“Yun Xi…its really her!”

In disbelief, Chen Yichen stared at Mu Feichi, and Mu Feichis silence was the best answer.

It took Chen Yichen a long while before he recovered from his surprise.

He was shocked, but he also felt somewhat proud about it.

He definitely hadnt expected that the person behind everything was that young girl.

Chen Yichen knew that she had had grand ambitions.

He also knew that she had wanted to deal with Crocodile by her own means.

But he really hadnt thought that she actually wanted to stir up such a storm in Jingdu.

Since when had the directions of the winds in Jingdu started changing

He hadnt even noticed the changes at first…

Looking at the current situation in Jingdu, if Chen Yichen had realized that something had been happening, the other families would undoubtedly have been prepared for it also.

Now he felt that if it were something Yun Xi wanted to do, he would support her unconditionally just like before, no matter the outcome.

After pondering for a while, the expression on Chen Yichens face suddenly became serious.

It seemed as if he had started thinking about all the things at stake.

“Currently, the Han family has already lost two chances to work with the Mu Corporation, so they are on the losing end no matter what.

On the contrary, the Qiao family has gained the upper hand by taking over these two big projects and working with the Mu Corporation.

The Qiao family had always kept a low profile, but it looks as if someone is pushing them to the front now.

It is almost impossible not to notice them.

Is that what Yun Xi wanted She wanted the Qiao family to take over the Han familys position”

Mu Feichi said nothing at first.

Then, before he could say anything, he heard the sound of a vehicle approaching.

He turned to look at the road and saw his butler driving Yun Xi down on an electric bike.

Mu Feichis face darkened.

He stood up straight and walked over to where the bike had stopped.

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“What are you doing here” Mu Feichi looked at Yun Xi as she jumped off the bike.

He then looked at Chen Yichen, who was standing outside the sentry post, before turning back to her.

“Didnt I say that I would settle everything”

Yun Xi shook her head gently.

She raised her hands and tucked Mu Feichis shirt into his jacket.

“I roughly know what Chen Yichen is here about.

Whether directly or not, I have already told the other successors of the big four wealthiest families about my stance and plans.

But because I didnt want to get him involved, I didnt tell Chen Yichen anything yet.

However, it seems like I cannot hide it from him anymore, so I want to make it clear to him.”

“Wouldnt it be the same for me to tell him” Mu Three-Years-Old was not pleased.


“How can it be the same” Yun Xi glared at Mu Feichi angrily, but finally gave in to the intense look on his face.

“If you are worried about anything, stay and listen.

I wont disclose any other confidential information.”

“You said it as if I am being so petty.” Mu Feichi snorted and complained, even though he had gotten his way.

“….” Arent you

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