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Chapter 1221: Last Way Out

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Qiao Ximin left, with dissatisfaction written all over her face.

Before she left, she had had a bitter and strange expression on her face and even a sinister smile.

Looking at Qiao Ximins expression now, she looked even worse than she had when Yun Xi had caught her having sex in the office with Han Yaotian in her previous life.

Yun Xi smirked.

She then called Gu Baifan and asked about Qiao Ximin.

After talking to him, Yun Xi found out that he had no intention of meeting with Qiao Ximin.

Things were just as Yun Xi had predicted.

Gu Baifan had been an executive director for so many years, and he wouldnt be so silly enough to change the person in charge of a project at this point.

Suppose the Qiao Corporation were to remove Qiao Lixin from the project In that case, Gu Baifan wouldnt be able to take care of the remaining issues properly.

When looking into it in the future, subordinates would be pushing blame on one another, and getting things done would become extremely troublesome.

Qiao Ximin was so greedy, and she was dying to meet Mu Feichi.

She had wild ambitions.

But of course Yun Xi would continue adding fuel to the fire, so the Qiao family and the Han family would start fighting.

Nothing would happen if Han Yaotian remained quiet.

But now that he had made a move on the Qiao family, Yun Xi can blame the Han Corporation if she were to do anything to the Qiao Corporation.

And Han Yaotian would have to shoulder the blame no matter what.

Soon the media in Jingdu broke the news with audio and video recordings of Han Zhongteng bribing high officials.

This incident had all the businessmen and politicians in Jingdu on tenterhooks.

The police summoned Han Zhongteng in for questioning, and soon all the officials involved were also suspended and brought into the investigation.

So the Han Corporation had now suffered another blow even though they had yet to recover from the previous incident.

People were pointing fingers at the Qiao Corporation for what had happened.

So not only were Yun Xi and Mu Feichi cleared of any suspicion in this incident, the Qiao Corporation had become a scapegoat for something they didnt do.

Because of these various incidents, the two corporations began tearing one another apart.

With the bits and pieces of information on hand, Yun Xi managed to fuel the situation and quickly start a big fire.

Yun Xi believed the Prime Minister would hear about the situation very soon.

And her real motive was to lure him out.

When the Prime Minister got involved, she would then push the troubled and useless Han Corporation into his camp.

As a result, the balance among the big four wealthiest families would be broken entirely with the fall of the Han Corporation.

When the Han Corporation gets taken out of the equation, it would only be a matter of time before the Qiao Corporation moves up in an effort to replace them.

With that, the Prime Minister would have achieved his goal of planting someone beside Mu Feichi.

And at the same time, Yun Xi would be able to find out more about the Prime Minister through the Qiao family.

Time passed by quickly, and soon it was autumn in Jingdu.

The streets were littered with yellow ginkgo leaves after an autumn rain.

Coming with the sudden temperature drop, the leaves on the ginkgo trees that lined the roads turned yellow, gradually revealing an atmosphere of autumn and approaching winter.

The fight between the Han and Qiao Corporations was in full swing.

Other families also began sensing that there were changes going on in Jingdu.

When Chen Yichen went to look for Mu Feichi, Yun Xi happened to be on Tianyu Mountain.

So Mu Feichi didnt let Chen Yichen come up to the house.

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Its not Mu Feichis style to let a love rival into his private territory, especially when Mu Mansion was a personal space for him and Yun Xi.

Mu Feichi would rather swallow his pride and personally meet him at the sentry post than let him come up.

“Commander!” Chen Yichen looked at the man alighting from the car.

Just as hed thought, no ordinary folks would be allowed up to Mu Mansion.

“What are you here for” Mu Feichi alighted from the car and looked darkly at the man before him.

With both hands in his pockets, Mu Feichi had an indifferent and arrogant look on his handsome face.

“Since you came down personally to meet me, I shall not beat around the bush.”

Chen Yichen looked up at Mu Feichi and composed himself.

“A lot of things have been happening in Jingdu recently.

Although I do not know what youve done behind the scenes, I know Yun Xi is involved in these incidents.

Its going to be tough for the Han family to reverse their situation unless you help them..

Its a pity that Han Hongbin made a reckless move on Yun Xi and effectively blocked his last way out.”

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