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Chapter 1212: Try Something New

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“Today the Han family deployed a really dirty move.

They sabotaged the work site and caused the accidents that led to the deaths of the workers.

However, the Mu Corporation is partly responsible as well.

Director Gu is currently settling the problem at the construction site.

The mayor will visit it later also.

The project had to be halted because of the enormity of the issue.

The Mu Corporations reputation might take a hit from this.

Han Yaotian has struck two birds with one stone with this one and dragged the Mu Corporation into it.”

As Qi Yuan wrapped up his report, Yun Xi was made aware of what had transpired.

Her expression sunk into solemnity.

“So this was Han Yaotians move against me He picked Qiao Lixins project too.

What a choice!”

The speed of Han Yaotians counterattack caught her by surprise.

He had moved faster than she had imagined he would.

Despite this, his counterattack became the launching pad for Yun Xi to kickstart her own plan of using the Qiao family as her replacement in the fight between her and Han Yaotian.

Yun Xi wiped the sweat off her forehead as she turned to Qi Yuan.

“Baifan can handle what is happening at the construction site.

Hes the best qualified to preserve the reputation of the Mu Corporation and reduce the impact that this will have.

Could you please have the investigative unit collate the information on what Han Yaotian plans to do, and we can pass it all to the Qiao family.”

“Okay, got it.” Qi Yuan no longer needed a second confirmation from the Young Commander when it came to Yun Xis directions.

What she wanted would have been what the Young Commander wanted.

“Since Han Yaotian made a move on Qiao Lixins project, his next target will be the one Qiao Ximin took from him.

If he cant get it back, he will take this opportunity to stir up trouble.

Knowing how alert Qiao Ximin is, she will have already guessed this.

She will try to move before he does to avoid being his victim.

Could you please send someone to keep an eye on them, and update me if there are any changes.”

“Of course.

I will arrange for surveillance over Han Wanling and Qiao Ximin.”

“By the way, you could expose the information about the Han Zhongteng father-son duo buying their way into the high officials favors and make it seem as if the Qiao family released this information.

This will add more fuel to the fire.

The Han family will be messed up, but we cant let the Qiao family off easy either.”

Qi Yuan recalled the information he had obtained and could not hold back a burst of triumphant laughter.

“Great idea.

This is one intense battle.

I wouldnt be surprised if someone tried to use this as their opportunity to shine.

I have not heard a single sound from the other three of the big four wealthiest families yet.”

“It doesnt matter who hits who.

All we have to do is sit back and watch.”

Once Qi Yuan had left, Mu Feichi came up to her and unbuckled the safety rope that was attached to her climbing harness.

His voice was teasing as he asked, “You sure you dont want to sneak a kick in amidst their fight”

Shaking her head, Yun Xi replied calmly, “Nows not the time.

I need to wait for their fight to get to its peak and then make it worse.

Thats more exciting isnt it”

Yun Xi was a person of moral principles and one of them was to never involve the lives of the innocent in her tactics.

Han Yaotian had completely crossed a line with his scheme.

It was an ugly fight between them, and Yun Xi believed she had the leeway to be a little uglier and a little more barbaric.

There was nothing wrong with doing that in the name of survival and succeeding in being the one who got the last laugh.

“Do you still have the means to make it worse for them”

Mu Feichi frowned as he thought.

Yun Xi had insider information and his investigative unit was aware of this.

He studied how confident Yun Xi looked and guessed that she must have the information that could flip the situation around.

However, his instincts told him that the means that Yun Xi possessed seemed to be out of his control.

Yun Xi smiled and nodded.

“Ill have to you keep you in suspense for now.

I cant tell you now, but if your investigative unit could get to it, then I would have to admit defeat.”

“If you lose, you will be penalized.

Lets talk about what the penalty will be, shall we”

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Yun Xi scoffed.

“Your penalties are all the same.

Im not afraid of you.”

“Then lets try something new this time…”


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