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Chapter 1183: Violence to Stop Violence

As he reached over, Yun Xi swiftly smacked his hand away and backed up with a frown, keeping a safe distance between them.

“Jiang Henglin, I have nothing to say to you.

Go away!”

“I wont leave.

I have something to say to you.” He hadnt said a word of what he had wanted to say, so if he really left now, wouldnt he feel completely incompetent

“You dont want to go Well, I have ways to make you leave.”

After saying this, Yun Xi took out her cell phone and called Team Leader A who was always nearby.

“Can you see Jiang Henglins car Crash into it, get the traffic police to come and deal with it, and tell him not to block the entrance to the school, please.”

“Yes, maam!” After hanging up the phone, Team Leader A started up his car and rammed it ruthlessly into the flashy sports car that was parked in front of the gates of the school.

The huge SUV crashed head-on into the back side door of Jiang Henglins sports car, making an enormous dent.

Team leader A looked out from the drivers seat, taking off his sunglasses and smiling in a most dashing manner.

“Sorry, sir, but your car is blocking the road.

Ill contact the traffic police to come and tow your car.

You can send your bill directly to me.

I will pay.”

“You…” Seeing that his new car had just been damaged, Jiang Henglin looked at the arrogant man in the SUV, and his anger became unbearable.

“You guys are real bullies.”

“Thats right.

Was it you who was being bullied” Team Leader A laughed lightly and shook the phone in his hand.

“I have already called the police.

Do you want to have it towed or drive it to a garage yourself, Young Master Jiang”

“Scram!” Jiang Henglin looked at Yun Xi who had turned to leave.

He hadnt been able to talk to her.

He could only get into his car with frustration, not forgetting to ram into Team Leader As car as he left, and drive directly to a garage to get his new car fixed.

As he passed the next intersection, he noticed another car and unexpectedly saw Mu Feichi sitting in its back seat.

He slapped his steering wheel with vehemence and chagrin.

Yun Xi looked at a car that was approaching her, and, when she saw who was sitting in the back seat, she couldnt help but laugh.

“When did you arrive”

There was no way to know how much this guy had seen of the farce that Jiang Henglin had just enacted in front of the school gates.

“I have been here ever since Jiang Henglin got out of his car.” Mu Feichi answered her in a relaxed, amused way.

He put away the documents he was holding in his hand and turned and examined her closely.

His arrogant figure was sunken deep within the black leather seat, and his dark eyes, when he looked at her, seemed thoughtful and deep.

“Well done! To deal with Jiang Henglin, who appears to have become a kind of stalker, the attack must be ruthless, decisive, and direct.

Otherwise, you wont be able to completely solve the problem, and he will return again and again.”

“So, the Young Commander is teaching me to fight violence with violence This is not your style!”

“This is my style when dealing with an enemy.

I believe in not offending people if people do not offend me, but, if they do, I will eliminate them completely.

Using violence to counter violence is the most direct and effective means.”

“Well, thats a good point.

It was really effective.” Yun Xi nodded with a look of approval.

After all, she had never been soft-hearted when it came to Jiang Henglin.

Now, what hed been doing was just a stupid thing done by a juvenile idiot.

She was just being courteous, but it had definitely become time to deal with it once and for all.

End of topic.

Yun Xi glanced at Mu Feichi and noticed that he was dressed in casual clothes.

She remembered that he had said he was going to pick up some friends in the morning.

She had thought that they were military comrades.

But now, seeing him in this outfit, it looked as if he was going to play golf with someone.

“Didnt you say you were going to pick up some friends Where are they Did you pick them up yet Why were you free to come to see me”

“Grandpa had gone to the Jiangs home, and I guessed that Jiang Henglin would come to see you, but I didnt expect it to be so exciting and suspenseful.”

Mu Feichi laughed lightly.

“My friends flight was delayed.

Come with me to the airport to pick him up.”

“Oh, okay!” His friend was obviously willing to let her step into his circle, which meant that he wasnt going to treat her as an outsider.

His relationship with this friend must be very special..

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