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Chapter 1169: Fuel to the Fire

“Then tell me your plan.

I dont have the time to quarrel with you.”

Han Yaotian stood up impatiently.

He realized that his benefits were at risk, and he knew that if he picked a fight with Han Wanling, others would benefit from the opportunity.

“Ill handle the problems at the construction site personally.

No matter what happens, the internal order of the corporation should not be interfered with.

Youre the vice director, and Im sure you know how to manipulate others emotions.

If you dont, then youre not fit to be in that position.”

Han Yaotian scoffed, and his gaze tried to read Han Wanlings deepest thoughts.

“It seems like it will be too easy for you to win their hearts by going to the construction site.”

“If this bothers you, then we dont need to have any more discussion.”

“Fine, since youre so confident that you can accomplish this, then give it a shot.

If you can settle it, then I have nothing to say.”

Dealing with the situation at the construction site was of top urgency.

If it remained unresolved, the high officials of Jingdu were not going to let the Han Corporation off the hook easily.

It seemed as if the current situation was becoming impossible to resolve.

“Also, could you think of a way to find the Young Commander and ask for his help.”

“The Young Commander” Han Yaotian frowned as he thought about this man who he didnt like very much.

The two of them might be close in age, but his thoughts and tactics almost seemed as if they came from another world.

“I suppose you know about the relationship between the Young Commander and that girl Yun Xi.

This was the reason why Father made the move against Yun Xi.

I keep feeling as if all that has happened to us is in some way related to the Young Commander.

He is from one of the three noble families, and his words carry enormous weight.

If he would offer us some help, this crisis would be resolved immediately.

Also, we four wealthiest families have been at each others throats for years.

If we go bankrupt, the other three will rise and become stronger.

They would then be a threat to the three noble families.

Im sure the Young Commander is much more aware of the potential loss of benefits than you are.”

Han Wanling was clear about the current situation as well.

Despite having been in a foreign country for a long time, she had not ceased to follow any important changes that had been happening in her country.

She had always feared that the situation was going to escape her when she returned.

It did not matter if the Young Commander was an uninvolved third party.

As long as he was willing to make his presence known, the situation might be able to be turned around.

Han Yaotian eyed her with suspicion.

His eyes looked like nails that wanted to pound at her face in an attempt to see through her tricks.

“Isnt he the man of your dreams Why dont you go and talk to him Why should I be the one to do your dirty work”

Han Wanling scoffed and stood up arrogantly.

She continued speaking while looking down on the sitting Han Yaotian: “If he had been willing to meet with me, would I be asking you to go”

Left with nothing more to say, Han Wanling was sick of looking at Han Yaotians face, and she marched out of the office.

Her male assistant ran to catch up with her outside of the office.

“Are we going to the construction site, Supervisor Han”

“Of course, did you think I was kidding”

Han Wanling stepped into the elevator with her chin held high with pride.

Her sharp gaze studied her reflection in the interior of the elevator.

She was brimming with confidence, and she knew victory was close at hand.

This time I will prove to those old guys that Im not any less than that illegitimate child, Han Yaotian.”

She believed that as long as she could resolve the crisis faced by the Han Corporation, she would gain the favor of the board of directors.

She was exactly like Han Yaotian in her belief that one should use benefits to gain the support of others.

The current crisis had directly threatened their profits, and, if she could resolve it, she would not need to break a sweat to stand strong with the board of directors.

However, Han Wanling was a pampered elite daughter after all.

She had underestimated the situation at hand, and she had overestimated her potential.

Unknown to her were the traps that lay ahead, as well as Yun Xi, who was an old hand at adding fuel to their fire.

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