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Chapter 1168: One Thing after Another

One thing after another…one thing after another…

The Han Groups problems multiplied and intensified within a short period of time, including the unrest of the unpaid workers, which had led to a bloody brawl.

As the acting head of the Han Group, Han Yaotian had received several phone calls reprimanding him from senior officials at various levels in Jingdu.

All their construction projects had been halted, and investors in other ongoing and planned projects now demanded either high compensation or urgent withdrawal of their capital.

Han Yaotian was beseiged by one phone call after another, and the Han Groups internal crisis communications department was forced to work tirelessly for days without any sign of the trouble letting up.

In his office, Han Yaotian scolded a group of executives that he had summoned in front of him.

He had not yet established a firm foothold as the chief before all these disasters had happened, and he felt that this was a very good opportunity to let the old guys see what he could do.

However, this didnt turn out to be the case.

It wasnt that he was not capable enough, but as one thing after another was exposed, before he could solve it, something bigger and more serious happened.

All of these happenings directly affected the reputation and interests of the Han Group, and he as the person in charge simply could not come up with a good enough solution.

Not to mention that he was not sure whether, behind these crises, other major traps could be waiting for him.

Because of the multitude of internal and external crises going on in the Han Group, Han Wanling has been forced to temporarily put aside her personal grudges and to decide to cooperate with Han Yaotian.

She was afraid that if they didnt work together the Han Group would be destroyed.

Foremost in her mind is the fact that only when the crises involving the Han Group are solved and the reputation of the Han family in Jingdu is restored will she be qualified to attend the socialite ball and take part in all the other social events that are so important to her.

Because she is fearful that if the Han family goes bankrupt, she will lose even the most basic protections she has from her identity as a Young Madame.

Not to mention, she will have absolutely no chance to attract the Young Commander.

Standing outside Han Yaotians office, Han Wanling took a deep breath and raised her hand to knock on the door.

Then, upon hearing the angry voice coming from inside the office, she pushed the door open and walked in.

Seeing that it was her, Han Yaotians handsome face, which had been darkened with an unrestrainable anger, looked at the two directors who were still in the office and drove them out.

He then turned to Han Wanling.

“Is there something I can do for you” He was too busy to deal with her at this time.

“Of course.

Im here to solve your problems.

Do you think Im here to gossip with you”

Han Wanling pulled up a chair and sat down in front of his desk, arrogantly raising her chin and assuming her posture as a Young Madame.

“First of all, regardless of any grudges between you and me, the most important thing right now for us is to solve the Han Groups problems right away.

At this time, all the projects the Group has been working on, whether they have problems or not, have been halted.

If we dont come up with a solution right away, the Group will go bankrupt.

Dad is still in prison.

We must cooperate with one another to solve this current crisis.”

Han Yaotian doesnt seem to take Han Wanling seriously.

He lightly scoffs at her.

“Then whats your brilliant idea Do you think the Groups current crisis can be solved by just a few words from your mouth”

Han Yaotians condescending attitude actually made Han Wanling feel that he was being ridiculous.

“At a time like this, you still treat me like an enemy.

Thats why I say youre still too immature to run the company, and Dad was simply a fool for leaving the company to you.

If I were to do nothing at this time and wait for you to come up with a solution and get kicked out by the old farts on the board, it would be better for me.

If you talk to me in this tone again, I may not help you even if you beg me.”

Han Yaotian snorted.

“Stop being pretentious.

Youre only helping me for your own sake, for the sake of your status as a heiress, and for the chance to climb up the social ladder and perhaps attract the Young Commander in the future.”

“Shut up! I am here to solve your problems, not to argue with you.”

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