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Chapter 1167: Trouble for the Han Group

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Mu Feichi came out of the Presidents official residence, got into his car, and sat there looking at the brilliant sunshine.

After thinking for a few minutes, he instructed Qi Yuan to drive the car toward the city.

“Young Commander, as you had expected, several powerful family heads are now crowding the sentry post on Tianyu Mountain, begging to see you.

“Is there someone up on Tianyu Mountain that they can see The people of the big four wealthiest families havent made any moves yet, but they seem to be pretty unstable.”

Mu Feichi: HMPH! “Still the same answer.

Tell them I went on vacation.

I dont want to see them.”

“Okay, then were going to have to take a detour to get back.”

Mu Feichi went into the city, bought a few pastries, and took a detour back up the mountain to Mu Mansion.

Hearing the sound of his car, Yun Xi flew out of the house, surprised to see him.

“That group of old foxes is blocking the sentry gates.

How did you get back”

“I took a detour through the intelligence unit, which is on a different part of the mountain.

There is a secret road up there, but it is quite a bit farther and we usually do not go there.”

Mu Feichi handed her the box from the pastry store.

“Bought these for you, from your favorite place for pastries.”

“Oh, thank you…” Taking the box, Yun Xi looked at the logo printed on it and beamed.

“Those guys at the foot of the mountain… What are you going to do about them”

“Didnt you tell me to leave it up to you to deal with everything” Mu Feichi leaned over her, winking and smiling.

“Who was it who said she would not aggravate me.”

“I said it…” Biting her lip, she raised her hand and patted his face.

“Then okay, Ill handle it.

Anyway, Han Hongbin has been arrested.

These insignificant shrimps are nothing to fear.”

Mu Feichi chuckled and stood up straight, reminding her gently, “Then make sure you take care of all these little shrimps before Han Hongbin gets out.”

“What…what do you mean” She snapped her head around.

“There is enough evidence to prove that Han Hongbin is guilty of attempted murder.

How can he be released so quickly”

“Babe, do you have substantial evidence to prove that Han Hongbin bribed the dead driver to hit you What if he denies everything, saying that the voice on the recording was planted and deliberately faked If you cant get evidence of his dealings with the driver, hell still end up acquitted.”

“Thats despicable! Then it looks like Ill have to be more ruthless with the Han family, or Ill have suffered for nothing.”

“So do whatever it takes.

After this heavy blow to the Han family, it will be impossible for them to climb out of this hole for at least a year or two.”

“Okay, I know what to do.”

Yun Xi couldnt help but think that in her last life the Han Group had also suffered a heavy blow because of Han Yaotian, and, although she wasnt the one who had caused the Han family to have a crisis at that time, the historical trajectories of these two lives seemed to be overlapping.

However, in this life, the person who had caused this crisis was her, so she was more aware of where the fatal weaknesses are and would be able to accomplish their destruction better.

Early autumn in Jingdu was fairly lively this year.

The chairman of the Han Group was being detained on alleged suspicion of attempted murder, and groups of lawyers are pursuing the negotiations.

The Han Groups share price plunged until it couldnt plunge any more, and, at the same time, the three projects that the Han Group was supervising were seized within two days by the Quality Supervision Bureau.

Especially checked was the project with the Mu Group.

All the project materials were tested and found to be substandard, and the project leader was found to be corrupt and to have been bribed.

Everyone had originally thought this to be just a small piece of news, but never had anyone expected that the same day the five-story building project was completed, it collapsed.

The media then exposed a series of photos of the scene, which directly pushed the Han Groups engineering problems into the limelight.

All the projects contracted by the Han Group were halted, and their workers became afraid that if something happened to the company, they would not get their hard-earned money, so they all went on strike..

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