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Chapter 1161: Killing Intent

“W…what do you mean”

The five of them looked at Yun Xi, then looked at the Young Commander who was standing behind her like a guardian angel and had not spoken.

They continued to play dumb.

The moment she mentioned Han Hongbin, they knew that this Hongmen Banquet would not end so easily.

“What do you want to know Take a look for yourself.” Yun Xi reached out to Mu Feichi, who took out a few photos from his pocket and placed them in her hands.

Yun Xi took the photos and threw them onto the coffee table.

The photographs were scattered all over the table.

A few of the people picked up the pictures to take a closer look.

There were photos of them entering the golf club with Han Hongbin.

There were also photos of them playing basketball together.

Just by looking at the photos, there seemed to be nothing wrong on the surface.

The men knew that the photos didnt prove they had done anything, but they were already feeling guilty.

So when they saw the photos, their expressions changed.

Yun Xi raised her eyes slightly, indifferently looking at the men in front of her who were about the same age as Yun Yuanfeng.

At this age, their ambitions and desires were at their peak.

They were willing to do anything to achieve their goals.

Yun Xi did not know many of these men, but she knew one of them was the CEO of the Meng family.

He was already bald.

In her previous life, she had always recognized him by his bald head, so she knew who he was in this life.

“Who was the one who suggested killing me Stand up and I might let you go.”

“Little girl, what nonsense are you spouting We dont even know you.”

The man in the middle turned to look at Mu Feichi.

He licked his lips and smiled apologetically, and he tried to change the subject.

“Young Commander, whats going on Did you want to meet us for something important”

Usually, even members of the big four wealthiest families had a hard time meeting the Young Commander.

When they had received this invitation, they had felt very uneasy.

They were really worried.

This man was able to do anything he wanted in Jingdu.

He could easily make their companies and businesses disappear from Jingdu if he wanted to.

Previously, Han Hongbin had been demanding things from them, but today, not only did he not come, but he also even tried to shift the blame onto them.

“Shes the one who asked to meet you, not me,” Mu Feichi replied lazily, standing behind Yun Xis chair with his hands in his pockets.

His indifferent expression made him seem like an outsider.

“Since you dont want to tell me whose idea it was to kill me, then I dont have a choice.

If you want to die, then die together.

Ill fulfill your wishes.”

As she spoke, Yun Xi lowered her head.

She fumbled about, throwing the two bags of white powder on the coffee table.

PUFF! PUFF! The people gasped when they saw what was on the table.

After all, all of their hands were dirty.

With one look, they could tell the weight of the two bags and what kind of punishment these two bags would incur.

“You, you…” The CEO of the Meng family looked at the drugs on the coffee table and looked at Yun Xi in shock.

In the end, he looked at Mu Feichi with fear and unease.

His hands started to shake uncontrollably.

No matter how stupid they were, they could tell that the person looking for trouble today was not the Young Commander.

Instead, it was this innocuous little girl who they had not managed to kill.

They had underestimated her and her importance in the Young Commanders heart.

“This is 1,000 grams of drugs.

Ive already called the police.

When the police arrive, Ill accuse you all of drug trafficking.

Do you think this offense…” HMMM! “Is it appropriate Should I add a few more”

“…” Her playful attitude made it seem as if she was joking, but it made them shiver with fear.

Yun Xi chuckled softly as she patted her skirt.

Her eyes flickered with a piercing cold light, but her delicate, pretty face was like a dazzling peach blossom, overflowing with killing intent.

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