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Chapter 1159: I Only Trust Myself

After receiving Mu Feichis invitation, many people were still tempted to attend, even though they knew it was a Hongmen Banquet.

(A Hongmen Banquet is a feast set up as a trap for the invited guests.)

Qi Yuan had made arrangements in advance for the Hongmen Banquet.

Yun Xi returned to her room to change her clothes.

Since Mu Feichi wanted her to make an appearance, she had to bring with her the things that Mu Feichi had gotten his hands on.

In order to frame those old foxes, she had personally decided to take the risk of telling them what she was up to.

Initially, she did not want to have to rely on Mu Feichis power to do whatever she wanted.

It was these old foxes who had forced her to stay by his side, forcing her to take a different path toward her goal.

To deal with such shameless people, she didnt need to use a brilliant method.

As long as she acted according to common sense, it would have a better effect.

“Young Commander, are you really going to bring this girl to the banquet If we clash head-on, the conflict will deepen.

Im afraid Miss Yuns safety will be in danger.”

“She knows what shes doing.

All you need to do is prepare the security.

Ill handle the rest.”


Also, the Eldest Heir has been investigating her car accident.

He has already started digging graves for these guys.

Should we stop him”

At the mention of Chen Yichen, Mu Feichi frowned, his dark eyes sharp.

“Even if you try to stop him, he wont stop.

As long as it doesnt hinder our plans, he can do whatever he wants.”

“For this girl, he is really ready to drag his entire family down with him…”

Before Qi Yuan could finish his sentence, he felt Mu Feichi shoot him a sharp glare and quickly shut his mouth.

“If necessary, remind him not to drag me down.

Otherwise, if anything happens, that girl will have to run around and take risks for him.”

“Yes, I understand!”

Qi Yuan glanced at the figure who had just come out of the bedroom after changing her clothes.

He silently lowered his head and stood to the side.

After getting into the car, Yun Xi stretched out her hand and said, “Please give it to me!”

Qi Yuan took the black bag from the front passenger seat and handed it to her.

Yun Xi looked at the white powder in the bag and split it into two portions.

“What are you doing” Mu Feichi looked at her quizzically.

She took out a rope from the bag.

“If we walk in with this, we definitely wont be able to carry it in our hands.

Whether its the surveillance cameras at the club or the paparazzi waiting outside, they will see it.”

“I can handle the surveillance and the paparazzi, so dont worry.”

“We still have to act properly just in case.”

As she spoke, she lifted her skirt up to her knees.

As she lifted her skirt, Mu Feichi blanched, and he suddenly reached out to block her.

“What are you doing” Qi Yuan was still in the car.

She really did not care.

“Im hiding something.” Yun Xi raised her head and gave him a look.

She directly hid the two bags of powder tied together in her socks.

Mu Feichi did not know whether to laugh or cry when he saw her like this.

“Instead of going through so much trouble, why didnt you tell me directly what you needed Wouldnt it have been more convenient for me to hide the drugs under the coffee table in the private room”

“That wouldnt do.

If someone found it and removed it, I wouldnt be a threat anymore.”

“Your framing idea seems very clumsy to begin with.

When you arrive at the police station, everyone is checked to see if they had taken drugs.

Its just a formality to create some entertainment gossip.

Why are you so serious about it”

“Once there is conclusive evidence that they were framed, everything will fall apart on its own.

What I want is for people to follow the rumors, but not the truth.

Truth and falsehoods can mislead others.

No matter how much you trust someone to do something, it will be exposed.

In order to not be betrayed, I only trust myself.

Mu Feichi chuckled and pulled her skirt down.

“Very good.

You still have some common sense.

Youre not too stupid.”

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