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Chapter 1148: Put Her on the Board of Directors

Mu Feichi knew what she wanted to ask, yet he reached out and took her hands and patiently waited for her to speak.

The gentleness and fondness in his expression had thoroughly convinced Gu Baifan that Mu Feichi was lovesick to the point of no recovery.

Mu Feichi nodded and agreed to her request without a moments thought, “Sure, how much do you need”

Yun Xi turned to Gu Baifan and took a second to consider, “Enough to purchase 10 percent of the Han Corporations shares.”

The sum might seem enormous to most people, but to Mu Feichi it was small change.

The situation was advantageous to them as well, because the share price had fallen to its lowest point.

In her last life, she had helped Han Yaotian achieve an unchallenged reign in the big four wealthiest families.

Now, however, she had promised herself that she was going to destroy the Han family with her own hands in this life.


Baifan, purchase 25 percent of the shares of the small shareholders of the Han Corporation.

And use Yun Xis name on the account.

I want her to join the Han Corporations board of directors.”

“Right away, Young Master.” Gu Baifan was used to these antics of his lovesick young master.

In response to his words, Yun Xi whipped her head around in shock.

“25 percent I cant afford that,” she declared.

“No worries, you can spend the rest of your life with me as payment.”

“What a cost…” Yun Xi bit down on her lips as she regarded this cruel man.

Yet, she was more than willing to jump right into the trap he had set.

“You set a huge trap for me, Young Commander.

I doubt I can crawl out of this one.”

“Who else would you be crawling to besides me”

Mu Feichi gave her a meaningful look and reached out to pull her into his arms.

He turned to the third wheel standing by their side, “Do as she says.

The media of our corporation will be under your orders.

Also, dismiss anyone who wishes to see me at this time.

Other than this, there will be nothing else.

You can head back now.”

“Got it!” Gu Baifan sensed that Mu Feichi wanted to be alone with Yun Xi and immediately turned to take his leave.

Yun Xi watched the hurried Gu Baifan be sent off, and a sense of annoyance begin to stir in her heart.

She looked at Mu Feichi while still in his embrace.

“Why did you chase him away Im not finished yet!”

“We can talk more another day.

Theres something more important to attend to.”

“Whats that” Yun Xi gave him a puzzled look as she struggled to break free from his arms.

It wasnt the most comfortable position, and she was certain the butler was still in the kitchen.

“Can you let me go”

Mu Feichi let go immediately and stood up and gestured for her to head up the stairs.

Great White, who was resting at the side of the sofa, got up to follow them, but Mu Feichi shot him a look and he stopped in his tracks.

Great White did not dare be their third wheel anymore.


“Didnt you say you had time to be lovey-dovey with me at night It is night now.”

“…” Yun Xi wondered why she had dug her own grave to fall into.

The phrase he had used gave Yun Xi goosebumps.

Lovey-dovey might be too much for her to handle at the moment.

It seemed that Mu Feichi was immune to the standard method of coaxing, and Yun Xi had ended up losing to him once again.

She thought Mu Feichi was going to drag her straight into the master bedroom, so she was rather surprised when he led the way into a room that served as a home cinema.

It was a fabulous home entertainment system that suited the grand Mu Mansion.

The room had an empty wall for the projector to show movies on.

The left side of the room was decorated with stands that spanned out like tree branches.

The ceiling of the room was made of glass and one could see the entire night sky.

A twin-sized tatami bed was positioned on the wooden floor.

It was a seat for movies or stargazing.

The room was very romantic.

She had not been inside this particular room before.

The interior seemed to have been newly renovated.

Yun Xi could pick up the light scent of wood in the air.

“Come here.” Mu Feich sat on the sofa and waved for Yun Xi, who was still observing the surroundings, to sit down.

Yun Xi walked toward him.

“Did you renovate this place” she asked as she grabbed a cushion and sat down beside Mu Feichi.

HMMM! “The previous design was rather bare.

I think youll like this one better.”

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